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12 Best Potato Storage Containers – No More Rotten Taters!

Are you always finding unwelcome sprouts on your potatoes? Do they seem to spoil far too quickly?

We’ve all been there. It’s an irritating waste of food (and money) when fresh taters go bad, but you can add months to their shelf life with the right storage.

We’ve scoured the net to find the finest tater storage options out there – here are 12 ways to store them in style!

Key Takeaways

The 5-tier Rotating Storage Solution is ideal for homesteads requiring large capacities. The Hanging Jute Bags are perfect for utilizing wall and door space in small homes. The best for overall value is the Peaceful Classics Storage Bin for durability, volume, and stunning craftsmanship.

Main Recommendations

Guidelines for Storing Potatoes

  • Store them in a cool, dark place with decent air circulation.
  • Don’t wash the potatoes before storing them.
  • Keep them in an ideal temperature range of 42-50°F. Many sources incorrectly suggest room temperature (68-75°F), but the University of Idaho’s Agricultural and Life Sciences extension warns that this encourages disease growth and faster spoilage.
  • Never store them in plastic bags as this traps moisture and will lead to rot.
  • Store potatoes away from other vegetables and fruits – onions, apples, and bananas emit ethylene gas that accelerates the ripening process, causing your taters to spoil faster.

1. Flat Top Rustic Veggie 3-Tier Bin

This beautiful cabinet is handcrafted from solid pine wood in a rustic walnut stain finish and comes fully assembled.

The tall cabinet features two shelves with hinged doors, a third bottom drawer that pulls out all the way, and a flat top for extra storage space.

Ease of Use

The hinged doors swing downward completely for full access, and the bottom drawer is fully removable.


Top two drawers have a wire mesh screen in the door panels, and the entire backing is a pegboard for greater airflow.


Strong stain odor. Drawer could open more smoothly.

2. KitchenCraft Natural Elements Potato Bag

This attractive natural burlap bag is lined with blackout material to keep the spuds in ideal conditions.

It has a drawstring top so it can be hung up or stored on a shelf and is imprinted with the word “potatoes” for a vintage look.

Ease of Use

Bag is wipe-cleanable, and the drawstring design makes opening and closing simple. Can be hung on the wall to maximize shelf space.


Made from breathable natural hessian.


Quite costly for the size. Doesn’t hold as much as advertised.

3. Peaceful Classics Potato Storage Bin

This stylish storage unit handcrafted by Amish woodworkers is made from solid pine and finished with a pewter and walnut coloring.

It comes fully assembled and features two pull-down bins plus a top storage bin with a slanted lid.

Ease of Use

The top lid swings back fully, resting on the top of the cabinet, and both hinged-door bins retract fully downward.


Wire mesh panels in pull-down bins for better air circulation.


Quite pricey.

4. Amish-Made 2-Door Potato Bin

Amish-made in Ohio, this cute and quirky storage bin features two pull-down storage bins and a large slanted-top bin with cut-out stars on each panel.

The bin comes fully assembled in unfinished wood for you to paint/stain to match your décor.

Ease of Use

Both bins and top lid swing fully back on their hinges, and the lower bins have small latches for added security.


Chicken wire mesh panels on the top lid and both bin doors.


The wire isn’t as taut as it could be.

5. HOMEFAVOR Potato Storage Canister

This two-set of deep storage containers are in neutral cream to fit in any décor and are decorated with a “potatoes” label and illustrated design.

They’re made of heavy powder-coated sheet steel and feature a large trash-can-style lid.

Ease of Use

Has a large top lid with a deep handle and two wide metal side handles for transporting.


The base of each canister has several large ventilation holes.


Not great for large potatoes.

6. Bamboo Potato Storage Box

This sturdy but light storage crate is made from natural bamboo and is clearly labeled with “potatoes,” giving it a classic farmhouse look.

The box has a nice, deep capacity and features a full-sized removable lid and side handles. It does require assembly.

Ease of Use

Lightweight enough to transport around. Two carrying handle indents.


Five large air holes along the bottom of each length of the box.


Grooves are a little too shallow on the lid and side handles.

7. Tupperware Modular Potato Storage Container

These compact and versatile storage containers are made with black plastic to shield taters from light and are designed with a slanted flip-top lid for quick access.

They’re also stackable so you can create a potato storage tower of any height with several modular containers.

Ease of Use

Easy to clean (dishwasher safe). Lid is fully removable.


The flip-top lid is punched with several small ventilation holes for optimum circulation, even when stacked.


Quite expensive for the size. Potatoes may sprout quicker than expected due to dark plastic absorbing more light/heat.

8. WTM Stackable Black Plastic Bins

Together, this 3-pack of storage bins delivers a generous 72 quarts of space – perfect for farmsteads and large family homes!

The bins are made from black high-density polyethylene and feature clear flip-top lids with stainless steel hinges.

Ease of Use

Bins are stackable for ground/shelf or tower storage and are very light to carry. Easy to clean.


Loose-fitting lids means they’re not air-tight, but there are no ventilation holes.


Poor ventilation. Slightly flimsy construction.

9. Hanging Jute Potato Storage Bags

This cute 2-pack of jute hanging baskets will suit any home with their rustic yet contemporary feel.

The bags are handmade from high-quality jute cord and include a thick loop for hanging on a wall, railing, or a pantry door to free up counter space.

Ease of Use

Large basket opening for easy access. Can be hung anywhere. Slouchy, stretchy material for greater capacity.


The open crocheted weave provides a very breathable fabric all over.


Fairly small for the price.

10. IRIS Wooden Stackable Bins

Great if you prefer minimalist-looking storage, these stylish and compact storage bins are made from light-brown composite wood and feature doors that retract into the inner compartment.

They’re also stackable with stability pegs to create a slimline potato storage tower.

Ease of Use

Smooth, fully retractable lid/door for easy compartment access. Easy to stack with pegs provided.


Designed with slight gaps around the lid when closed for decent air circulation, but most owners leave the lids open.


A little tricky to assemble.

11. Miles Kimball Sprout-Free Vegetable Storage Bags

This 2-pack of durable drawstring bags stores a hefty amount of potatoes. Each bag is made from breathable cotton with a blackout lining to keep light out.

The bags also feature a handy zipper on the side seam for secondary access if the bags are hung up.

Ease of Use

Two openings make it easy to access, and the drawstring allows you to hang the bags on doors/walls.


The drawstring and zipper openings are not airtight, offering a degree of air circulation.


Potatoes don’t stay as fresh as with other containers listed. Smaller capacity than advertised.

12. Metal 5-Tier Rotating Storage Solution

This sturdy and super-versatile carbon-steel storage caddy is a tower of 5 round baskets with a flat top for added storage space.

Each basket rotates out from its neutral position for great access, and the whole unit is on wheels!

Ease of Use

Rolling-cart design allows for easy transportation. Each basket can be accessed individually/simultaneously. Plastic covers can be placed in the bottom of each basket to securely hold smaller potatoes/veggies.


The breathable wire mesh baskets, wide-grid bottoms, and approximately 1-2 inches of space between each basket provide excellent ventilation.


Some report that the tower stands slightly crooked.

That’s a Wrap!

There are many styles of tater storage solutions to suit every budget, space, and style preference.

Don’t mind paying a bit more for durable and stunning craftsmanship? Tall solid wood cabinets are for you.

Live in a teensy apartment or have limited counter space? Stackable towers and hanging baskets are a smart choice.

Before you invest in any of the above containers – pricey or not – avoid disappointment by storing your taters in favorably cool, dark conditions to keep them fresher for longer.