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What We Do

Whyfarm Education


WhyFarm has created a simple, attractive, convenient, reader friendly fun method in teaching agriculture to youths. We have accomplished this through the use of Multi-Media, Comic Books, Colouring Books, Story books and Poetry.

>> STEM in Agriculture
Whyfarm Communication


We want to bring agriculture to the forefront as the major topic of discussion. Using print, web and social media we aim to bring the discussion of food security to the kids, the future of farming.

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Whyfarm Participation


An Agricultural Adventure for children to be educated about food and nutrition security. With its unique outline it allows for the participants of the course to have fun while simultaneously learning the role in which they can adopt to contribute towards food security.

>> WhyFarm AgriVenture Project

WhyFarm Global Movement

Promotion of Agriculture among youth globally by increasing their awareness of the world food crisis and in doing so, grow the future feeders of 2050.

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Get Involved

Get Involved

Join Our Movement

The Cyber Farm Collective movement represent a comprehensive compilation of young people with like-minded Agri ideas gathered to exchange and share resources and results of their Agricultural Activity and in most cases to collectively start up some activity

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Please consider making a donation to Why Farm. Your generous donation would help us produce new educational material to help encourage the future of agriculture in our youth.


AGRIMan Adventures Comic Series

Introducing the world’s first Food & Nutrition Security Superhero “AGRIman”

WhyFarm has introduced the world’s most powerful food provider “AGRIman” a Food & Nutrition Superhero. He is one character in our expanding Agri-Verse used as an AgriEduTainment tool in achieving the SDG goals of 2030 and grow future feeders by 2050.

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WhyFarm receives the RICE AWARD

Meet Alpha Sennon, the 2018 RICE award winner, for his work in innovation and leadership among young people globally. Alpha is from Quinam Road Siparia, deep south of the beautiful paradise island of Trinidad and Tobago.  🇹🇹Today, Alpha received the award at the Society for International Development, Washington Chapter Annual Conference in Washington, District of Columbia. When...

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What has WhyFarm been up too?

The month of July in Photos The students in St. Christopher’s Anglican School Siparia, loved every second of AGRIman. We were happy to give back to our community, after all #AGRIman was born and breed in Quinam Road, Siparia. Imagine someone from South Africa meeting someone in Brazil who is from Australia (Jamie who is...

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Why Farm at Thought for food Global summit

My TFF Drug: From Ambassador to Closing Keynote Speaker

I now understand why they call it a keynote speech, it’s the speech that opens the door to many opportunities especially when given at a summit, none other than the Thought for food Global summit. When the founder of Thought for food humbly wrote me and asked, if I would be willing to deliver the...

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