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Mushroom Foraging Bags: 12 Top Picks for Gathering Shrooms

Mushroom Foraging Bags: 12 Top Picks for Gathering Shrooms

These days, mushroom foraging is a rewarding hobby that is becoming more and more popular.

To make sure you get home with your mushrooms intact and in good condition, you need a bag designed to handle the fragile mushrooms.

Key Takeaways

My Lucky Shrooming Bag is the right choice for people looking for a handmade bag with a high-quality design. The RingSun is the bag to buy if durability is a top priority for you. If you want a versatile bag to use when hunting, foraging, or harvesting, Saintrygo is a perfect option. 

Main Recommendations

1. My Lucky Shrooming Bag

Made with tear-resistant mesh, a solid bottom, and an adjustable strap, this handmade mushroom foraging bag is made in the USA and has a high-quality design that protects the mushrooms you collect.

You can wear the 15″ x 17″ bag on your back, chest, or even on top of your head to free up your hands.

The mesh that makes up the body of the bag is made of tough material but has small holes in it to prevent the mushrooms from getting grated.

As for the solid bottom, it keeps the mushrooms from getting crushed as well.

2. RingSun Waxed Canvas Mushroom Foraging Bag

Durable and lightweight, the RingSun is a mushroom foraging bag made of leather with a pouch made of waxed canvas.

It measures 8.5″ x 8.26″ and weighs just 2 pounds. The bag has a collapsible design that folds into a compact square to make it more convenient to carry.

For foraging, the RingSun offers more convenient features. You can attach it to your belt backpack with two clasps.

The versatile bag is good not just for mushroom foraging but also for collecting flowers, beachcombing, and hiking. For its small size, it has a 21-pound maximum capacity.

3. Saintrygo 2-Piece Mushroom Foraging Bags

The Saintrygo bags are designed specifically for mushroom foraging.

Each bag (one black and one brown) is made of mesh material to keep the mushrooms fresh without squashing them as the bag fills up and contains an exterior smaller pouch.

It also has a zipper to keep the mushrooms or other fruits you gather secure inside of the pouch. 

Measuring 15” x 17” each, these bags each weigh less than 1 pound, making it convenient to carry them everywhere you go, even more so since it has an adjustable strap that lets you carry it with just one hand or with no hands at all. 

4. Antetek Waxed Canvas Pouch Foraging Bag

Designed like a duffle bag, Antetek is the kind of foraging bag you want to carry when gathering fruits and mushrooms.

The bag is made of waxed canvas with a leather flap and loops to attach it to your belt for a hands-free foraging experience. 

The canvas bag measure 8” x 9” and has a collapsible design for easy carrying and storage.

It’s a good companion when foraging in the forest or collecting fruits in the field. It’s an ideal choice for people looking for a good value for their money.

5. Barebones Harvesting and Gathering Bag

When foraging for mushrooms, you would want a water-resistant bag that protects the mushrooms against rain and prevents water from getting inside the bag.

That’s what the Barebones bag is designed to achieve. Made of paraffin waxed canvas, the bag comes with a watertight liner to keep the mushrooms you gather dry and safe even in damp conditions. 

The Barebones comes with an adjustable strap that lets you wear it on your back or chest to free up your hands.

The bottom of the bag drops out to let you empty it quickly, an especially nice feature for large harvests.

6. Jack&Chris Foraging Bag

If outdoor activities are your passion and favorite pastime, then you’d want a bag that serves all purposes and that you can take with you whether you’re hiking, mushroom foraging, backpacking, or camping.

The Jack&Chris checks all the boxes as far as versatile outdoor foraging bags are concerned.

Designed as a pouch made of waxed canvas with a sturdy cowhide leather flap, the handmade bag is collapsible. Folded, it only measures 3.74” x 3”, but when you unfold it, it measures 7.48” x 7.87”.

It’s both durable and flexible, making it a good choice for outdoorsy people. 

7. Tylson Harvesting Bag

Tylson is as much stylish as it is functional. This bag is designed mainly for harvesting and collecting fruits, but you can repurpose it for mushroom foraging without worrying about the integrity of the mushrooms.

Made of cotton, it protects the fragile mushrooms you collect and doesn’t feel rough against the skin when you carry it.

It comes with a deep pocket where you can keep your tools and has easy release clasps to make it easy to fill it up and empty it out.

The most striking feature of this bag is its capacity. It can carry up to 80 pounds at a time.

8. Frieyss Foraging Bag

Another versatile foraging bag made of soft cowhide and waxed canvas, the Frieyss is a strong and flexible bag that can handle the rough and tumble of outdoor excursions.

With its collapsible design, this soft bag can be folded into a compact shape measuring 3.5” x 4” that you can put in your pocket.

When unfolded, it measures 9” x 8” and can be attached to your belt with two metal clasps.

The bag is easy to secure with both a drawstring that tightens the mouth of the pouch and a buckle on the cowhide flap.

It’s a waterproof bag that keeps your stuff dry, be it mushrooms or food for a picnic. 

9. Joymarty Collapsible Foraging Bag

Joymarty took an extra step toward making this foraging bag easy to carry and keeping your hands free.

Instead of the usual one strap that most foraging bags have, Joymarty has three straps. You can clasp it to your bag, belt, or pants. 

The bag only comes in a brown color, but it has a stylish and modern design. The toggle bucket is easy to operate, and it keeps the food and fruits you collect safe and secure.

The soft lining of the bag makes it ideal for everything from fresh flowers to mushrooms. 

10. Morjor Extra Large Foraging Bag

If you’re looking for a foraging bag that can handle a lot of weight and expand to accommodate the mushrooms without crushing them, Morjor is a recommended choice.

With the ability to add 2.5 inches to its height, the bag measures 12.2” x 8.2”. It’s by far the largest bag on this list, and if you like to go on long foraging trips, this is the bag for you.

Morjor comes with a brass belt clip that lets you attach it to your belt for convenience.

As the bag gets heavy, you’ll need to keep its bottom secure to prevent accidentally crushing the mushrooms as the bag swings to and fro.

11. Bushcraft Waxed Canvas Collapsible Mushroom Foraging Bag

If you don’t like foraging bags designed like duffle bags that are hard to keep open, Bushcraft has the right mushroom foraging bag that corrects that issue.

Its mouth is made of hard cowhide, which keeps the bag always open for easy foraging.

For more convenience, the bag is easy to attach to your belt, freeing up your hands to gather mushrooms and fill the bag quickly.

Like many other bags on this list, Bushcraft is a versatile bag. You can use it to gather fruits, flowers, and mushrooms or to hold water bottles and snacks.

It’s made of waxed canvas material that makes it weather and water proof.

12. ClvzoM Waterproof Waxed Canvas Foraging Bag

Last but not least, ClvzoM delivers a good quality foraging bag that is quite affordable.

Made of waxed canvas, the waterproof bag has all the necessary features you expect from a foraging bag that is also multipurpose.

Since it has a low price tag, it’s the recommended choice for people on a budget.

Measuring 8.92” x 7.98”, the collapsible bag has two buckles and a drawstring to secure your collectibles once the bag is filled up.

With this design and waterproof material, you can put any delicate items in the bag, including mushrooms and flowers. 


Mushroom foraging bags come in various shapes and sizes, but you’ll want a sturdy bag made of waterproof material, such as waxed canvas, with adjustable straps that let you forage mushrooms with both hands.

The size of the bag matters as well. The more weight capacity the bag has, the longer you can continue foraging without having to empty it.

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