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Gardyn Hydroponics | $100 Off Coupon + Complete System Review

Gardyn Hydroponics | $100 Off Coupon + Complete System Review

If the thought of beginning an indoor garden has crossed your mind, you may want to consider selecting a smart gardening starter kit like the smart Gardyn Hydroponic System.

The Gardyn System is a smart gardening system that is completely self-contained. This smart garden system is based on a version of hydroponics known as aeroponics. There is even an AI assistant built-in that helps provide crucial reminders and helpful tips. 

Read on below and learn all you need to know about the Garden hydroponic system and how it works!

About the Gardyn Hydroponic System

The Gardyn Hydroponic System is a smart gardening package that takes all the guesswork out of indoor gardening. That way, you get to focus on the fruits of the garden’s labor, rather than the labor itself.

We discuss each aspect of the system in much greater detail, in the following sections:

How the Gardyn System Works

The Gardyn runs on an aeroponic system, a popular type of hydroponics. There is no soil necessary, or even a growing medium like most hydroponic systems require. In the Gardyn system, the plant’s roots are anchored in the air and misted with water and nutrients.

Further, Kelby, the system’s AI assistant, informs you whenever you need to water something, prune something, transplant it, and more. In other words, you can more or less simply plant and go. You’ll never forget to care for the plants because the system won’t let you!

What Plants Can You Grow in Gardyn?

The system holds up to 30 plants at one time. That said, depending on the species, and size of the plants, as well as whether or not you intend to grow them from start to finish in the machine or transplant them into another garden or growing system, the Gardyn system may only support a number of plants significantly less than 30.

For example, you may easily grow 30 heads of lettuce or spinach, or even onion or beets. But, on the flip side, there’s only enough room for half a dozen larger plants like peppers or tomatoes.

How Many Plants Does the Gardyn System Hold?

Technically speaking, the system has enough room to hold 30 yCubes(the seed pods that come with the system). However, the number of actual plants the system can hold at once may be drastically reduced by planting larger plants in the system that take up more space. 

How Much Food Does Gardyn Grow?

According to the manufacturer of the Gardyn System, it may produce harvests of up to 10lbs each month. That is approximately the same amount of food that a 1,000 to 1,500 sq ft garden outdoors produces.

Here’s an example of what a fully grown Gardyn system looks like:

Exact results may vary depending on the type and number of plants you grow with the system, and how healthy they are. 

How Long Does Gardyn Take To Grow?

Thanks to the fully automated lights and watering system built-in to the Gardyn System, most crops grow at optimal speeds. Most garden variety plants grown in the system produce harvests within 30 to 40 days.

Larger plants, or species that continue producing after the first harvest, may grow for up to 90 days or more.

What Kind of Light Does Gardyn Use?

The Gardyn System comes with horticulture-grade full-spectrum LED grow lights built right in. The temperature of the light, as well as the light’s frequencies, give the plants the illusion of real sunlight, yet another reason the Gardyn System works so well for growing so many different types of plant species.

How Much Does Gardyn Cost?

To get started with the Gardyn Hydroponic System, you’ll need the starter kit. Outright, the price is currently $799. There is also a monthly payment plan available with a cost of $37 per month. The starter kit includes the main smart garden device, yCubes, plant food, and access to the app.

Gardyn Coupon Code

While this promotion lasts, use coupon code WHYFARMIT to save $100.

How To Get Started With the Gardyn System

Once you’ve gotten your hands on it, getting started is quick and easy:

  1. Remove the system and components from the packaging
  2. Sit the insert into the system’s tray.
  3. Pour tap water into each of the cells, until the fill line is reached.
  4. Insert the pre-seeded yCubes into the system.
  5. Secure the dome onto the top of the Gardyn.
  6. Wait for the system to prompt you on how to proceed

Does Gardyn Use a Lot of Electricity?

The amount of electricity that the Gardyn uses varies. The lights themselves draw around 75W per second, while the entire unit pulls around 54kWh on a monthly basis. If you don’t follow the system’s automated schedules, the power consumption may be higher.

How Much Are Gardyn Pods?

For members, extra Gardyn Pods are only $1.99 each. Non-members, however, pay more than double the cost, at $4.99 per pod. Each pod, known as yCubes, is preloaded with seeds for whatever type of plant you want to grow.

Do You Have To Have a Gardyn Membership?

You do not need to have a Gardyn membership to use the Gardyn System. Membership helps by enabling access to more features, as well as more affordable yCubes. That said, without membership, you may still use the app, adjust the settings of your device, and more. Your extras will, however, cost more than twice as much as what members pay.

How To Connect Gardyn to WiFi

The Gardyn System automatically connects to WiFi via the Gardyn App after it’s installed. In the future, simply push and hold the silver button on your Gardyn and wait for the lights to flash on and off three times in a row. 

Why Won’t My Gardyn Connect To WiFi?

If you’re having trouble with your Gardyn System connecting to the WiFi, the first step in troubleshooting is closing and reopening the app to double-check for a fresh connection. If there is still no WiFi connectivity, press down and hold the silver WiFi button on the physical Gardyn device until it blinks three times.

Still not connecting? Try one of these helpful tips:

  • Make sure that your Gardyn smart garden is powered on
  • Re-initiate the connection process via the app
  • Adjust your home’s WiFi router to 2.4 GHz
  • Turn everything off and on again, including your internet modem or WiFi hotspot
  • Make sure that the app is up to date

Gardyn Home Kit 1.0 vs. 2.0

The Gardyn Home Kit is available in two versions, the 1.0 and the 2.0. The 1.0 starts at $799, full-price, and the 2.0 starts at $849.

Besides around two hundred dollars, or more, because some of the 2.0 units are as much as $999, there are a few other key differences between the two:

  • The 2.0 has higher quality PVC pipes, to prevent cracking as seen in some 1.0 models
  • The 1.0 has fewer attachments than the upgraded 2.0 version
  • The 2.0 has more advanced features available via the app
  • Membership for 2.0 models include the very latest Gardyn products

Gardyn vs. AeroGarden

AeroGarden is a well-known home gardening system that, like Gardyn, costs several hundreds of dollars to get started with (read: AeroGarden Bounty). They are known for being durable and having a moderate indoor growing capacity. 

The main difference between the two is that the AeroGarden isn’t a “smart” growing system and it holds half a dozen fewer plants than Gardyn systems do.

The upside is, if you don’t want one of the most advanced home gardening systems, like Gardyn, the AeroGarden is a great alternative. They just require a great deal more attention, without Kelby to keep you on your toes.

iHarvest vs. Gardyn

The iHarvest is another hydroponic gardening system for the home gardener. Like the Gardyn system, it too holds up to 30 plants at once.

Another similarity is the initial cost, as the iHarvest comes with the same ticket price as the Gardyn 2.0.  It also comes with a trellis for extra support for the bigger plant varieties like tomatoes and melons that like to grow vertically. 

Further, the iHarvest system is fully automated, so your plants will never lack the light, water, or nutrients they need. Out of the many smart gardens currently on the market, the iHarvest seems to be one of the only good alternatives to the Gardyn.

A Final Word About the Gardyn Hydroponic System

The Gardyn system is one of the smartest home gardening products currently available, anywhere in the world. It grows up to 30 plants at a time, everything is automated, and you barely need to think about a thing in between planting and harvesting.

Just make sure it stays plugged in and connected to the internet and you’re good to go!