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Flowers That Start With P: 44 Beautiful Flowering Plants

Flowers That Start With P: 44 Beautiful Flowering Plants

Angiosperms, commonly known as flowering plants, possess the capability to propagate by producing flowers. These delicate blooms serve not only as crucial for the plant’s continuation but also as a source of happiness and satisfaction for gardeners worldwide.

1. Painted Daisy

A single pink painted daisy close up.

With its classic daisy-like appearance, the painted daisy comes in attractive colors such as pink, red, yellow, purple, and white. It blooms from late spring to midsummer. 

  • Height: 2-4 feet 
  • Color: Red, yellow, white, pink, purple

2. Pandan

The leaves of the pandan plant.

The fragrant leaves of the Pandan are used in Asian medicine and cuisine.

This sterile plant doesn’t produce flowers often, but when it does, you’ll find fragrant male blossoms and female flowers that resemble pineapples.

It thrives in direct sunlight and rich peaty, well-drained soil.

  • Height: 15-20 feet 
  • Color: Green, white, striped, variegated

3. Pansy

Colorful mix of pansies.

The heart-shaped petals of the pansy are perfect for late-season containers, thriving in early spring and winter. They prefer well-drained, acidic soil with access to full sun or partial shade. 

  • Height: 4-8 inches tall 
  • Width: 4-6 inches
  • Color: Purple, blue, yellow, white

4. Papalo

The leaves and flowers of the papalo plant.

This exotic herb produces simple purple starburst flowers. Native to Mexico, this herb is considered a weed but is often a substitute for cilantro.

It blooms in spring and enjoys full sun and well-draining soil.

  • Height: 5-6 feet
  • Color: Purple

5. Paracress

Flowers of the paracress plant.

The bright yellow button buds of the Paracress provide a bright spot of color during summer. They enjoy full sun and thrive in well-drained, fertile soil high in organic matter. 

  • Height: 12-15 inches 
  • Color: Yellow

6. Passion Flower

A passion flower (Passiflora caerulea) in bloom.

Climbing passion flowers bloom from early summer until autumn. They enjoy fertile, well-drained soil and a sheltered sunny garden position.

Water regularly in summer, but reduce watering sessions in the winter. 

  • Height: 10 feet
  • Color: White (hardy), Purple, blue, yellow, red (greenhouse varieties) 

7. Peace Lily

Peace Lily Near Bathroom Window

The tropical peace lily produces delicate blooms above glossy green oval leaves in the spring. It prefers partial shade and moist, well-drained acidic soil. 

  • Height: 1-3 feet 
  • Color: White, yellow

8. Pelargonium

Purple-red blooms on pelargonium plant.

Pelargonium produces brightly colored flower clusters enveloped by bushy, scented green leaves. The trailing varieties are perfect for hanging baskets and have green ivy-like leaves.

  • Height: 5-36 feet (depending on variety) 
  • Color: White, pink, purple, red, orange

9. Pennyroyal

Flowers of pennyroyal plant.

The long stalks and tight pom-pom heads of the pennyroyal herb are perfect for attracting butterflies to the summer garden.

This plant requires well-drained, moist soil and a sunny position. 

  • Height: 6-12 inches
  • Width: 3-6 feet
  • Color: Lavender

10. Penstemon

Pretty purple flowers on a penstemon cultivar.

These bushy plants produce narrow pointy leaves and tiny flute-like flowers. They flower in the summer to early autumn and enjoy free-draining soils with access to full sun. 

  • Height: 10 inches – 6 feet (depending on variety)
  • Color: Blue, purple, pink, red, white 

11. Peony

Pink peonies blooming at the edge of a garden.

The large rose-like blooms of the peony flower provide gorgeous color and aroma in the garden from early spring to late summer. This plant thrives in well-draining soil and full sun.

  • Height: 2-3 feet 
  • Width: 2-4 feet
  • Color: White, red, pink, purple, coral

12. Perilla

Purple leaves and flowers of common perilla.

Perilla is grown for its ornamental foliage in gorgeous hues of green and purple or variegated. It produces tiny white or purple tubular flowers in the summer.

Grow in free-draining soil in full sun or partial shade. 

  • Height: 20-24 inches
  • Color: White, purple

13. Periwinkle

The blue flowers of the common periwinkle.

The periwinkle plant is known for its shiny broadleaf foliage and square-shaped flower petals. It blooms in the spring and summer and enjoys full to partial shade.

It tolerates loamy, sandy, and clay soil types and is an excellent ground cover. 

  • Height: 3-6 inches
  • Color: Lavender, purple, white, blue

14. Perovskia

Russian sage perovskia

The perovskia shrub, or Russian sage, is a woody perennial that produces long lavender-like flower panicles in late summer.

This shrub requires full sun but can tolerate poor soil and is drought tolerant. 

  • Height: 4 feet 
  • Color: Lavender, blue

15. Persian Buttercup

Assorted Persian buttercup flowers

The Persian buttercup is well known for its long slender stems and ruffled rose-like flower petals that bloom in spring.

It grows well when provided with moist sandy or loamy soils and requires access to full sun.

  • Height: 1-2 feet
  • Color: Pink, yellow, purple, red, white 

16. Peruvian Lily

Pink and white flowers of the Peruvian lily.

Sporting tiny brown freckles on funnel-shaped blossoms; the Peruvian lily flowers in the summer. It enjoys rich, well-drained soil and tolerates full to partial sun exposure. 

  • Height: 1-3 feet
  • Width: 1-2 feet
  • Color: Red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, white

17. Petunia

Red, white, and blue petunias growing happily together.

The wide trumpet-shaped flowers of the petunia are popular with nearly everyone. These hardy annuals produce flowers in a kaleidoscope of colors from spring to autumn.

Provide the plant with moist, well-drained soil and lots of sun for prolific blooms.

  • Height: 6-24 inches
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Color: White, orange, green, yellow, purple, pink

18. Phacelia

A single flower of the phacelia plant with a bee on it.

Phacelia displays fern-like foliage in green-gray hues with lavender-blue flowers in the summer.

Often grown as green manure, the plant is also excellent for attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Provide the plant with a full sun position and free-draining soil. 

  • Height: 3 feet
  • Color: Blue, lavender

19. Phlox

Lovely pink blooms of Phlox paniculata.

The tall, long-lived star-shaped flowers of the Phlox plant come in various colors and bloom in the summer.

They prefer full sun and moist, fertile soil enriched with organic matter. 

  • Height: 6 inches – 4 feet (depending on variety)
  • Color: Pastel pink, lavender, red, purple, rose, white

20. Pigsqueak

The pink blooms of Bergenia cordifolia.

Pigsqueak produces green foliage in the summer and bronze in the winter. In the summer, it displays clusters of pink flowers on thick stalks.

It does well in full or partial sun and prefers moist soil. 

  • Height: 12-15 in
  • Color: Pink

21. Pincushion Flower

Light purple flowers of a pincushion plant.

The button-type blooms of the pincushion flower make for a pretty scene in any summer or early fall garden.

This delicate perennial enjoys full sun and neutral, free-draining soil types. 

  • Height: 12-18 inches
  • Width: 12-18 inches
  • Color: Cream, burgundy, red, lavender, pink, white

22. Pineapple Lily

Purple blooms on a pineapple lily.

Pineapple lilies are neither pineapples nor lilies, but they develop tiny flower clusters in a cone-like shape in the summer.

The foliage is spear-shaped and can be burgundy tinted. It enjoys warm sunny positions and thrives in well-drained loamy soils. 

  • Height: 18-34 inches
  • Color: White, purple, pink, green

23. Pink Lady’s Slipper

Two magenta-and-pink lady slipper orchid flowers.

This hardy orchid produces a flower pouch that looks distinctly like a pink slipper. It has oval leaves at the base of the stem and flowers midspring to midsummer.

It enjoys partial sun and tolerates moist, well-draining soils types such as clay, loam, and sand. 

  • Height: 12-18 inches
  • Color: Pink

24. Plantain Lily

The white bloom of the plantain lily.

The Plantain Lily’s elegant foliage and large waxy, scented blossoms develop in spring to mid-summer. The foliage comes in various colors and variegations. It enjoys loamy or clay soil types and partially shaded positions.

  • Height: 1-2 inches 
  • Width: 3-4 inches
  • Color: White

25. Platycodon

Blue flower of platycodon

Known for its balloon-shaped buds that develop into star-like flowers, the platycodon blooms in summer.

It prefers moderately moist, rich, loamy soil types and a sunny to partially shaded position. 

  • Height: 1-2 feet 
  • Width: 1-1.5 feet
  • Color: White, pink, blue

26. Plumbago

The sky-blue flower on a plumbago plant.

The climbing plumbago produces balls of vivid blue, unscented flowers throughout the summer into autumn.

Provide the plant with full sun, well-draining soil types, regular watering sessions, and frost protection. 

  • Height: 13.1 feet
  • Color: Blue

27. Plume Celosia

Pretty purple celosia with orange and yellow flowers in the background.

The feathery flowers of the plume celosia come in a range of colors providing focal interest for the summer garden.

Plant in full sun, fertile and free-draining soil, and fertilize monthly in the growing season. 

  • Height: 16-18 inches
  • Width: 9-15 inches
  • Color: Orange, yellow, red, pink

28. Plumeria

Multi-colored Plumeria flowers.

The tropical plumeria tree produces leathery leaves and scented, waxy flowers in various colors.

The tree flowers from summer to autumn; prefers full sun and moderately moist, well-draining soils; and is drought tolerant. 

  • Height: 15-25 feet 
  • Color: White, yellow, pink, rose

29. Poinsettia

A red poinsettia plant viewed from above against a dark background.

A popular plant during the holiday season, the poinsettia prefers a warm, generously lit environment.

Plant in well-draining soil, rich in organic matter and access to at least 6 hours of sun each day. 

  • Height: 2 feet 
  • Width: 1 feet 
  • Color: Red, cream, pink, orange, green

30. Polyanthus

A variety of colorful polyanthus flowers.

Polyanthus provides vibrant winter color to the garden with rosette-type flowers balanced above leathery textured foliage.

They enjoy partial sun exposure and well-drained loam or sandy soil types.

  • Height: 12 inches
  • Color: Blue, yellow, red, purple, gold-lace, pink, orange

31. Polygonatum

Delicate white flowers of polygonatum.

Polygonatum produces pendant-shaped flowers on arching stems in the late spring and early summer. It enjoys moist, humus-rich soil and partial to full shaded positions. 

  • Height: 6-7 feet (depending on variety)
  • Color: Green, white, pink

32. Poppies

An up-close look at red poppy flowers in full bloom.

Easy to grow, the delicate petals of the Poppy flower create a lovely splash of color from late spring to early summer.

They prefer well-drained to dry soil types and enjoy full sun positions. 

  • Height: 12 inches 
  • Color: Red, yellow, white, orange

33. Portulaca

Bright yellow and pink portulaca flowers.

The ruffle-rose-like petals of the portulaca flower develop in clusters on red stems.

This easy-to-grow annual is drought tolerant but not frost hardy and does well in full sun and sandy, well-drained soils.

  • Height: 3-9 inches 
  • Width: 6-12 inches
  • Color: White, orange, pink, red, yellow

34. Potentilla

Pretty yellow flowers of a potentilla plant.

Potentialla develops saucer-shaped flowers in various colors from spring to autumn.

This fuss-free plant tolerates a range of moist to dry, low-fertile soil types and prefers a position in full sun.

  • Height: 10 inches – 6 feet (depending on variety)
  • Color: Pink, orange, red, yellow

35. Pot Marigold

Orange pot marigold covered with dew.

The daisy-like flowers of pot marigold appear from spring to autumn. It enjoys full sun to partial shade and free-draining soil rich in organic material.

Deadheading promotes blooming throughout the growing season. 

  • Height: 1-2 feet 
  • Width: 1-2 feet
  • Color: Pink, orange, yellow, cream

36. Powder Puff

A red powder puff plant up close.

The powder puff plant develops white, pink, or red flowers in spring. Place the plant in direct sunlight and protect from cold temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plant in cactus or sandy potting soil and avoid overwatering.

  • Height: 3-5 inches 
  • Width: 2-4 inches
  • Color: White, red, pink

37. Prairie Gentian

Deep purple flowers of prairie gentian.

The delicate stems of the prairie gentian develop bell-shaped flowers from late spring to autumn.

They prefer full sun with partial afternoon shade in hotter climates. The soil should be slightly alkaline, fertile, and well-draining. 

  • Height: 18-24 inches
  • Color: Pink, white, purple, yellow

38. Prickly Pear

A prickly pear cactus with yellow flowers.

The easy-going prickly pear produces yellow-rosette-type flowers atop its spiny paddles in the spring.

It thrives in full sun and sandy, well-drained soil, producing delectable, edible fruit in the autumn.

  • Height: 6-12 inches 
  • Width: 12-18 inches
  • Color: Yellow

39. Primula

Several colorful primrose plants in full bloom.

Cousin to the polyanthus, the primula comes in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Flowering from spring to early summer, this plant enjoys moist soil and dappled shade.

  • Height: 8-12 inches
  • Color: Pink, yellow, blue, purple, red, white, orange, peach

40. Protea

A large, light-pink flower of a protea plant.

The bright spikey globe-like flowers of the protea bloom in late spring to early summer. This hardy plant demands a lot of sun and enjoys sandy or loamy soils that are free-draining. 

  • Height: 6-26 feet (depending on variety)
  • Color: Pink, white, cream, orange, red

41. Prunus

Beautiful cherry blossoms from a tree in spring.

Also known as the cherry tree, the prunus prefers full sun and develops masses of tiny white or pink flowers in the spring.

Well-drained soils such as chalk, sand, or loam are best for members of the Prunus genus. 

  • Height: 39.3 feet  
  • Width: 26.2 feet
  • Color: White

42. Pulmonaria

Blue and purple Pulmonaria flowers.

Pulmonaria develops clusters of funnel-shaped flowers that start pink but mature into a vivid blue. It enjoys partial to full sun exposure and thrives in moist, acidic soils.

  • Height: 6-12 inches 
  • Width: 12-18 inches
  • Color: White, pink, blue

43. Purple Coneflower

Purple coneflowers blooming in profusion.

The purple coneflower displays daisy-like flowers rich in nectar during the summer months.

It is tolerant of partial shade but prefers full sun positions and grows well in free-draining neutral soil types.

  • Height: 2-5 feet 
  • Width: 1-2 feet
  • Color: Pink, purple

44. Purslane

Tiny yellow flower buds on common purslane.

The edible leaves of the purslane plant are perfect for salads. It produces tiny blossoms from mid-summer to early autumn in various colors.

It enjoys well-drained soil and exposure to full sun.

  • Height: 6-8 in (depending on variety)
  • Color: Pink, yellow, peach, orange, red


Use this handy list of flowering plants to keep your gardening bursting with color all year round!