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Dwarf Carpet of Stars: The Perfect Alternative to Grass!?

Dwarf Carpet of Stars: The Perfect Alternative to Grass!?

Dwarf carpet of stars is a lush evergreen succulent that appears similar to grass. In recent years, it has become quite the popular replacement for regular grass. 

What is dwarf star carpet? Dwarf carpet of stars is the perfect alternative to grass as it is quite easy to care for, is drought resistant and pet friendly, and requires no mowing and little watering. The plant forms a dense mat of grass-like evergreen succulent leaves and will produce delicate flowers of varying colors.

In the following you’ll learn all about dwarf carpet of stars including how to plant it, care for it, and more!

Dwarf Carpet of Stars Care

Ruschia lineolata ‘Nana’, also known as dwarf carpet of stars, is a succulent-type alternative to high-end grass.

It is both low maintenance and drought resistant, making it an exceptional choice for an alternative solution to traditional lawns. 

The “plant” has the appearance of a green carpet with red stems that produce white, purple, or pinkish-colored flowers.

This grass alternative is easy to plant and easy to maintain. Below, we take a closer look:

Dwarf Carpet of Stars at a Glance

  • Plant Type: Evergreen succulent
  • Mature Size: 2 inches tall
  • Growth Rate: Faster than normal grass
  • Ideal Lighting: Full sun to partial shade
  • Water Requirements: Up to 70% less than grass
  • Temperature Range: 20°F to 120°F
  • Drought Resistance: High
  • Durability: Can handle foot traffic
  • Blooming: Flowers are produced in the spring and fall
  • Toxicity: Not toxic to people or pets (safe to touch or ingest)
  • Care Difficulty: Easy


Planting dwarf carpet of stars (or even a “lawn” full of them) is easy when you have a game plan. First, you need extremely well-draining soil.

So, start by removing all of your existing plants and grass from the area of the yard you are going to be planting.

Loosen the existing soil (and add extra topsoil to even out the surface if you need to) before you begin putting the plants into the ground.

Also, make sure that you are planting somewhere that receives full sun or at least partial sun.

Dig holes that are twice as deep as the plant is wide, and thoroughly water each plug before planting. 

Plant them all the way into the bottom of the hole. Space your plants out with 6 inches in between each one. 

Follow up by watering your new patch of dwarf carpet of stars on a daily basis.

If everything is done with care and the weather is agreeable, the whole area will grow into a thick carpet within 3 to 5 months.

Does Dwarf Carpet of Stars Grow in Shade?

Dwarf carpet of stars prefers full sun but will sometimes grow in varying amounts of shade.

That said, it is best that the plant receives at least a few hours of bright and full sun sometime during the day for best results.

Maintaining Dwarf Carpet of Stars

Directly after planting, dwarf carpet of stars should be fertilized regularly. Fertilizing once per month during the growing season is ideal.

After the area planted with dwarf carpet of stars has become one big carpet, less fertilization is necessary.

In other words, after it is well-established, this plant requires a single fertilizing session each year.

One of the most beneficial aspects of dwarf carpet of stars is that it is super easy to maintain.

The most significant perk, by a landslide, is that there is no lawn mowing involved with maintaining the dwarf carpet of stars.

Dwarf Carpet of Stars Benefits

There are numerous benefits of dwarf carpet of stars and very few (if any) real drawbacks or cons (other than you may not live in a climate where it is possible to grow and maintain this plant).

A few of the most significant benefits of dwarf carpet of stars include:

  • The plant is drought resistant, requiring up to 70% less water than typical grass species found in lawns.
  • Storms and heavy winds don’t bother the plants much and are not likely to uproot them.
  • Fewer weeds and bugs that carry disease will appear in your yard.
  • It can be walked on just like regular grass and is even soft enough to walk on it barefoot.
  • The “lawn” doesn’t require mowing or weed whacking with dwarf carpet of stars in place.
  • The plant is easy to propagate with the cuttings of mature plants, so replacing old plants is free and almost effortless.
  • During the winter when everything else is dead or a crispy-brown color, the dwarf carpet of stars making up your lawn are still green.

Related Questions:

What Grow Zones Can Dwarf Carpet of Stars Live In?

Dwarf carpet of stars grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 9a through 11b.

That means that it grows well just about anywhere that doesn’t get much colder than 20°F or hotter than 120°F during the majority of the year.

The plant doesn’t die back and turn brown during winter weather either. That’s one of the cool things about dwarf carpet of stars.

During the wintertime, not only do they stay alive, but they also stay green through the cold and snowy weather too.

Is Dwarf Carpet of Stars Invasive?

Dwarf carpet of stars shouldn’t be considered invasive for several reasons, the first being that it only lives for three to four years before turning woody.

The second reason it isn’t invasive is that it needs a certain amount of full light to thrive and grow.

Another reason that it isn’t as invasive as other plants (if it is at all) is that its roots need to be planted fairly deep in the ground, and new shoots aren’t likely to survive with an already established lawn (or other landscaping) in place.

A Final Word About Dwarf Carpet of Stars

If you’re looking for a great alternative to regular grass or even ornamental grass, dwarf carpet of stars is an excellent solution.

It’s easy to plant and care for, and it takes almost three-quarters less water than regular grass does as well. It’s a delight to walk on, and best of all, no more mowing!!

Image credit: StarCarpetLV