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Can Avocado Trees Grow in Maryland? Here Is How To Do It

Can Avocado Trees Grow in Maryland? Here Is How To Do It

The beginnings of avocados can be credited to their native tropical trees in South America and Mexico.

Although tropical plants have specific requirements regarding temperature and humidity levels, you can still grow the avocado indoors or in a greenhouse where you have more control over the growing conditions. 

Can avocado trees grow in Maryland? You can grow avocado trees in Maryland, however, there’s no guarantee that the trees will bear fruit. Avocado trees can grow successfully outdoors between latitudes 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south. Your microclimate in Maryland might impact the growth, flowering, and fruit-bearing of the tree.

Read more to find out how to grow avocados in Maryland and which avocado varieties have better success rates in the state.

Growing Avocados in Maryland – What To Know

Commercially, avocados are grown in California, Hawaii, and Florida.

However, the weather in Maryland is quite adequate for growing avocados in your garden, but you have to be vigilant with the unpredictable weather conditions and be ready to move the tree indoors for protection.

This is why it’s recommended to grow the avocado tree in a container in Maryland. 

Avocado Temperature Tolerance

Avocado trees come in different varieties. Since each variety is native to a different region, the temperature tolerance of avocados varies widely.

The Guatemalan avocado has a high tolerance for cold temperatures and can handle temperatures between 26 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

West Indian avocados have the least tolerance for cold weather and need steady temperatures between 60 and 85℉ all year round to thrive.

But if you’re looking for cold hardy avocados that can handle the occasional frost and cold spell, then Mexican avocados are the ideal variety.

Mexican avocados are known to survive in regions where the winter temperature can drop to 19℉.

Maryland Temperature Ranges

Maryland has the right summer for growing avocados as it’s usually hot and humid. The temperature can reach 87℉ and rarely goes above 95℉.

However, the winters are a little too cold and windy for many avocado types. The average temperature in the winter is between 23 and 25℉.

Due to the state’s chilly and snowy winters, the best avocado variety to grow in Maryland has to be Mexican avocado.

Their fruits are smaller than the other types, but they’re not phased by frost or the occasional dip in temperature.

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Can You Grow an Avocado Tree Inside?

You can grow avocados indoors. This can protect them against sudden changes in the weather, but providing the right amount of light to the trees can be a challenge.

If you want the tree to bear fruits, then avoid starting it from seeds. Use a grafted dwarf tree instead, and plant it in an adequate container.

Prune the tree regularly to manage its height, and avoid exposing the sapling to direct sunlight.

How Big Do Avocado Trees Get Indoors?

In the wild, avocado trees can reach 70 feet tall, although some varieties will stay around 30 feet tall. When growing avocados indoors, you need to manage that height with regular pruning

Can I Grow an Avocado Tree From a Pit?

You can easily grow an avocado tree from a pit. Just remove the pit from a ripe avocado, and remove any flesh.

Avoid damaging the outer shell, and place it in a bowl full of lukewarm water until it sprouts. Transplant it in the garden or plant it in a large container.

Avocado trees growing from a pit are used for ornamental purposes since they will not fruit.

Are Avocado Trees Self-Pollinating?

Avocado trees are self-pollinating in the hot zones in south Florida and south Texas but not in Maryland.

Each tree produces flowers with both male and female parts. The pollen from the male part will fertilize the female part as long as they both open at the same time.

In Maryland, you’ll need two avocado trees growing within 50 feet of each other for cross-pollination. 

Will a Potted Avocado Tree Bear Fruit?

A potted avocado tree kept indoors rarely produces fruits. The conditions indoors are not suitable for inducing flowering.

Potted avocado trees kept outside may produce some fruit, but they will not be as productive as those grown in the ground in an ideal environment.

Three ripe avocados hanging from the tree branch.

Avocado Plant Care Indoor

The key to successfully grow the avocado tree indoors is to water it regularly but lightly to keep the soil moist but not wet.

Use a mild fertilizer to feed the tree once every 3 months. Give the tree a dense canopy by cutting back the main stem to 6 inches and pinching the shoots at 6 inches long to promote lateral growth.

Related Questions:

Can Avocado Trees Grow in Zone 8?

Zone 8 is the bare minimum requirement to grow avocado trees outdoors. If you want to grow them in Zones 7 or below, you can plant them in a greenhouse or indoors.

Can Avocado Trees Get Too Much Sun?

Yes, young avocado trees can suffer when exposed to too much direct sunlight. This can lead to leaf burn and stunted growth. Mature avocado trees have a higher tolerance for full sun exposure.


The weather and temperature ranges in Maryland make it a suitable area to grow Mexican avocado varieties.

If you want to grow the avocado tree indoors, prune it regularly, and fertilize it once every 3 months.