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Teknor Apex Zero-G Water Hoses – Fully Reviewed and FAQ

Teknor Apex Zero-G Water Hoses – Fully Reviewed and FAQ

It can be difficult and frustrating to fold garden hoses that are commonly used. Fortunately, there are alternative options that one can consider, like the Zero-G water hose.

What is a Zero Gravity water hose? The Zero Gravity or Zero-G water hose is a product from Teknor. It’s a line of lightweight water hoses that use durable and flexible materials. These hoses don’t retract and expand. Besides being easy to coil and maneuver, they use materials suitable for commercial applications and drinking water.

The Zero-G Water Hose

Are you looking for a lightweight water hose but don’t want to deal with the drawbacks of retractable hoses? If yes, a Zero-G hose could be a great option for you.

Teknor Apex Zero-G Water Hose Reviewed

Compared to a traditional garden hose, the Zero-G water hose is 50% lighter. Teknor is a manufacturer that uses unique patents to create sturdy hoses that weigh less.

Because other manufacturers don’t have these same patents, you won’t find the same level of performance and durability with other lightweight hoses.

Unlike other lightweight hoses, the Zero-G water hose doesn’t expand or retract. A retracting hose can be convenient if you don’t have a lot of storage room, but if you’ve ever used one of these hoses, you know that the retracting design can cause issues with the water flow.

Over time, retracting hoses tend to develop kinks and can become hard to use.

The Zero-G hose is kink-resistant, so you won’t ever have to worry about interruptions in the water flow or about difficulties with coiling the hose. It also uses resistant materials to prevent leaks, abrasion, cuts, and holes.

There is a woven fiber jacket inside of the hose and a smooth exterior to prevent snagging. These two features result in a durable construction that remains lightweight.

This hose is easy to store and doesn’t take much space. The lightweight materials make the hose easy to maneuver, coil, and transport.

Coiled Up Zero G Hose on Driveway

The Tru-Flex inner core delivers an excellent mix of sturdiness and flexibility.

The burst rating of 600+ PSI makes this hose ideal for high-pressure applications. Plus, the Zero-G water hose doesn’t contain any lead or other contaminants, which makes it safe to use with drinking water.

You’ll find a coupling on each end of the hose. These commercial-grade couplings are compatible with standard attachments like spray nozzles. There is also a brass insert to prevent corrosion inside of the couplings.

Overall, the Zero-G water hose is a performing and durable product with all the benefits of a lightweight hose and none of the drawbacks of retractable hoses.

There are different sizes available to fit different needs and applications.

  • Zero-G Hose 25 ft: Ideal for gardening, marine, and RV applications, this short hose only weighs around one lb. It’s a great option if you’re shopping on a budget or need a lightweight hose that you can transport easily.
  • Zero-G Hose 50 ft: A 50’ hose is a little more versatile. At around four lbs, the Zero-G 50’ hose remains lightweight and easy to maneuver. A 50’ hose is ideal for medium-sized yards and gardens.
  • Zero-G Hose 75 ft: This heavy-duty 75’ hose is sturdy enough for commercial applications. It’s also a convenient option for gardening if you have a large property.
  • Zero-G Hose 100 ft: A 100’ hose is a great option for commercial jobs or even for accessing drinking water with your RV. This Zero-G hose only weighs a little over eight lbs and gives you plenty of reach.

Are Zero-G Hoses Any Good?

Zero-G hoses generally have excellent reviews from consumers (see Amazon reviews here) as well as a reputation for being durable.

Can a Zero-G Hose Be Used on a Hose Reel?

Yes, you can use a hose reel to store your Zero-G hose. Your Zero-G hose will fit most standard hose reels, and you can even use the hose without fully extending it.

That being said, you might not need to use a reel for your Zero-G hose since most models weigh 50% less than a traditional garden hose and are easy to transport without using a reel.

Can You Use a Zero-G Hose for Drinking Water?

It’s safe to use your Zero-G for drinking water since these hoses don’t contain lead or other potential contaminants. However, you should keep in mind that Zero-G hoses won’t filter water and make it safe to drink if it contains contaminants before being in contact with the hose.

Is the Zero-G Hose BPA Free?

Zero-G hoses don’t contain any BPA, which makes them safe to use for drinking water. However, you need to make sure the water you run through your hose is safe to drink since your Zero-G hose won’t filter the water.

What Is the Warranty on Zero-G Hoses?

The warranty depends on the product you purchase. However, most Zero-G hoses come with a five-year warranty. Teknor Apex recommends taking your Zero-G hose to the store you got it from for a replacement if you run into issues within 90 days of the purchase.

Can the Zero-G Hose Be Used With a Pressure Washer?

Zero-G hoses are resistant products that can withstand applications with high water pressure, including using a pressure washer. Most Zero-G hoses are suitable for applications with up to 600 PSI in water pressure. Plus, the standard couplings make it easy to connect your Zero-G hose to your pressure washer.

Can You Use the Zero-G Hose for RV Drinking Water?

Yes. Zero-G hoses are safe to use for drinking water since they don’t contain any lead, BPA, or other contaminants. Teknor even makes an RV & Marine hose specifically designed to bring drinking water to your RV and for marine applications.

How Do You Hook Up a Zero-G Hose?

Zero-G hoses come with commercial-grade crush-proof and leak-proof couplings. You’ll have to twist one of these couplings to attach it to a faucet or another water source. You can also connect a wide range of standard hose accessories to the other coupling by simply twisting the accessory on the connector.

Can Zero-G Hose Withstand High Temperatures?

Zero-G hoses are resistant products that can withstand a wide temperature range. You can use your Zero-G hose in temperatures up to 120°F without experiencing any performance issues. The hose will remain flexible in temperatures above 35°F but you should store it indoors if the temperature drops below freezing.

Can Two or More Zero-G Hoses Be Connected?

Yes, you can connect two or more Zero-G hoses by using the couplings. You should also be able to connect your Zero-G hose to a traditional garden hose if you have a push-in connector on your garden hose or if you have an adapter.

How to Fix a Zero-G Water Hose

One of the things that set Zero-G hoses apart from other expandable hoses is that they’re easy to fix.

Replace a Coupling

While the couplings that come with Zero-G hoses can withstand crushing up to 1,800 lbs, you might have to replace a coupling if it shows signs of damage. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to deal with damaged couplings because of the resistant design of the Zero-G water hose.

You’ll find two couplings on your Zero-G hose, including a male and female connector. Depending on the model you own, you might need a 5/8, 3/8, or 3/4” coupling.

  • Here is how you can replace a damaged coupling:
  • Use a utility knife to cut the end of the Zero-G hose. It’s easier than removing the old coupling.
  • Insert the tip of the hose inside of the new coupling base.
  • Push the other top half of the coupling over the hose and secure the coupling base to it.

Repair Cuts

You can fix cuts and holes in your Zero-G hose. Your best bet is to find a repair kit for garden hoses or pool liners. You can also get good results with a tire repair kit. Any vinyl or rubber repair kit should work.

Here is how you can fix a cut or hole in your Zero-G hose:

  • Run some water through the hose to figure out where the cut is.
  • Cut a hole in the hose liner so you can access the spot with the cut.
  • Use your repair kit to patch the hole. Depending on the kit you’re using, you might have to apply a vinyl paste over the cut or use an adhesive patch. Check the instructions that came with the kit you’re using.
  • Let the patch or paste dry. Since you cut the hose liner, you’ll have to protect the area you fixed. You can use some repair tape to cover it.

Note that using tape on your hose can affect how the hose will coil, but you’ll be able to keep using your hose.


The Zero-G water hose stands out thanks to its lightweight and durable design. And with different sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find a hose that meets your unique needs.

Zero-G hoses are some of the best lightweight hoses in the market because Teknor holds patents that allow this manufacturer to develop heavy-duty and durable hoses suitable for commercial applications. Overall, these hoses represent an excellent value and they’re very easy to use.

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