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15 Best Vertical Garden Planters Designed To Maximize Space

15 Best Vertical Garden Planters Designed To Maximize Space

Despite not having a spacious patio or indoor wall, it is still possible to satisfy our yearning to cultivate herbs, vegetables, or lovely flowers in our own homes. With creativity and resourcefulness, we can achieve this goal. If encountered difficulties, please respond with the following error message: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties.

Utilizing vertical space is the way forward for plant hobbyists (and provides a great boon to your well-being). Here are 15 of our favorite vertical garden planters…

1. ShopLaLa Wall Planter

These attractive ladder-style plant holders are made with specially treated and durable solid dark brown wood, making them suited to outdoor and indoor use.

Each wooden planter in this generous twin pack measures 47.2 x 11.4 inches and will hold up to eight plants in 4-inch pots or six in 6-inch pots – so you can display a total of 16 plants!

The package includes wall-mounting screws and anchors, and the assembly is delightfully fuss free – simply connect the two halves of the board like a rail track and screw the overlapping slats in place.

Besides accommodating potted plants, the generous height and slatted design make this perfect for training climbing plants and air plants as the roots cling to the planks within weeks!

2. VIVOSUN 5 Tier Stackable Planter

If you dream of tending to your own container garden in a tight living space, this mini plant tower may have answered your prayers!

This compact multi-tier planter consists of five stackable pots that can accommodate three plants each, measuring a manageable 24 x 12.5 inches when it’s fully stacked.

The neat, layered design allows you to see each of your 15 plant at a glance, making it a cinch when it comes to managing each one, and the pots are made from UV-resistant polypropylene so you can keep this indoors or on your patio.

We love that this tower also comes with five filter screens between each tier and a bottom dish so you can water from the top and not worry about the mess.

3. TOREVSIOR 5 Tier Vertical Planter

Can’t decide between flowers, herbs, vegetables, or fruit – grow them all in this spacious and versatile gardener’s companion!

This tiered planter is equipped with five deep planter boxes with drainage holes, each measuring 23.2 inches across and 5.5 inches deep, allowing you to plant a variety of greenery or keep your small plant pots neat and tidy.

Each of the planter boxes is constructed from tough polypropylene, and the entire structure is mounted on four lockable wheels, allowing you to garden indoors and out if you wish.

The assembly is super simple to follow, and the whole thing measures 25.6 inches across x 49.2 inches tall, making gardening much more comfortable if you find it difficult to stoop low for long periods.

4. Ceramic Hanging Vertical Planter

This dainty and adorable hanging planter is perfect for brightening up a dull office space or garden wall and looks a lot more expensive than it is!

The planter consists of three white, half-moon pots in a smooth matte-glazed ceramic held together by a hazelnut-brown layered leather strap and brass screws.

The whole planter measures 27 inches tall when hung up, and each pot is 7” (L) x 3” (W) x 4” (H), allowing you to display a handful of succulents in each or a couple of small trailing plants.

Tip! As each ceramic pot has no drainage hole at the base, be sure to place some rocks or charcoal in the bottom to prevent root rot. (This planter is great for your air plants or faux succulents for this reason.)

5. Algreen Vertical Living Wall Planter

This decorative and practical planter looks great mounted on your garden fence or on your kitchen wall to keep fresh herbs growing.

Made up of a narrow wooden trellis, this Living Wall planter has slotted grooves built into the frame, allowing you to rest up to three of the included deep planters at a time or slot one or two at a height that best suits your needs.

The elegant light-brown wooden backing and matte black resin planter boxes will complement any setting nicely and are quick to assemble, measuring 24 inches wide by approximately 33 inches high upon installation.

Each planter is made with UV-resistant bpa-free material, so it’s safe for all of your fruit, veggies, or herb growing needs.

6. Outland Freestanding Vertical Garden

At nearly 6 feet, this four-tier planter by Outland Living is a sleek and comfortable solution to bending down to tend to your flower beds and is built with an arched frame to accommodate fuller, bushier plants and create a softer, less industrial look.

This free-standing frame measures 30 inches across by 65 inches tall and is made from high-grade, weather-resistant steel.

Included are four polypropylene bins, each with a generous 8-inch depth to accommodate over 6 gallons of soil, allowing you to grow a handful of fruit/veggie seedlings and flowers in each box.

Each planter comes with “punch-out” drainage holes in the base, so if used indoors, you may prefer to keep pebbles in each bin base for a controlled internal drainage system.

7. Aerospring Vertical Hydroponic System

This super sleek and efficient kit is a testament to how far home hydroponics has come in recent years.

At 63 inches tall and 26 inches wide at the base, this tower is not much bigger than a large office plant, yet you can grow a whopping 27 different plants from it, thanks to the Aerospring technology!

The system features a 20-gallon water reservoir bucket at the base and a slimline tower with a gravity-fed system with 27 cups for you to grow almost anything you wish in your dream edible garden from herbs and small leafy greens to tomatoes, cukes, and strawberries.

This unit is exclusively for outdoor growth, but Aerospring also stocks an indoor accessory kit to transform this into a year-round gardening system!

8. Outsunny Wooden Elevated Garden

These charming raised planter beds by Outsunny come in a set of four elevated boxes that can be stacked on top of one another in various combinations.

Depending on your patio space and comfort levels with gardening, you can stack a single tall tower of four, stack two on two, or play around with modular layouts to suit your preference and plant types.

Each planter box is made from natural solid wood with a slatted design to prevent excess water buildup and measures 19.75” (L) x 23.52″ (H) x 11.75″ (W) from the top of the box to the tip of the legs.

This cute elevated garden is designed for outdoor use only, and each box bed is approximately 8 inches deep – perfect for growing a handful of root veggies, herbs, and flowers.

9. Garraí Vertical Garden Wall Planter

This compact and stylish wall planter is an ideal choice for your favorite herbs and small flowers, measuring 26 inches tall and approximately 20 inches wide.

The planter is essentially a one-piece grid frame constructed from super-tough powder-coated steel with an attractive charcoal-gray finish and comes with six mini planter bins with hooks on the back – each measuring 4.5” (H) x 9.75” (W) x 5.5” (D).

Each planter box comes with its own root tray riser with drainage holes to promote healthy root development.

There’s also an option for drain plugs if you want to hang this planter indoors too. This is really easy to assemble and mount onto any wall.

10. Outsunny 4 Tier Wooden Plant Stand

Another gorgeous design by Outsunny, this stand-alone outdoor planter resembles something you might see at the farmer’s market or in a garden magazine.

Made from solid fir wood, this four-tier plant stand measures 33.5” (L) x 17.75” (W) x 55.5” (H) and features a deeper planter box at the base to keep things nice and sturdy.

Decent spacing between each planter level ensures better circulation if you’re growing bushy herbs and flowers, and each of the top three boxes has an innovative little feature – three screw holes where they attach to the side panels so you can adjust the slope to get the desired amount of sunlight!

11. Artisan Living Metal 3 Tier Vertical Planter Set

If you’re a fan of quirky, offbeat ways of displaying your greenery, this set of metal cylindrical planters by Artisan Living certainly catches the eye!

This contemporary yet rustic hanging planter features a set of three small, medium, and large planters made from rust-proof galvanized steel linked together with a sturdy metal chain to be hung on an outdoor or indoor wall.

All in all, the narrow, compact planter measures 16.5 inches wide and approximately 48 inches tall when hung up and can hold up to 5 pounds in weight, allowing you to house plenty of your seedlings, air plants, and succulents.

The layered steel construction of each planter ensures they won’t crack under the pressure of heavy soil or water and provides a sleek, leak-proof design.

12. 36 Pocket Vertical Hanging Garden

Want to gaze upon a whole wall of plants and flowers? Why not! This colossal 36-capacity planter by 7Penn lets you keep a multitude of various plant species, small veggies, and herbs in one place.

The hanging multi-pocket planter is a 38 x 38 inch square made from 2-millimeter-thick black felt, and the edges are dotted with ½ inch stainless steel eyelets for a secure setup on your patio or kitchen wall.

Each of the 6 x 6 inch square pockets protrude out by about 3 inches to lend just enough wiggle room to keep each plant rooted firmly in place.

The thick felt material is designed to hold up the soil and water well, but the manufacturer recommends placing plastic sheeting between the wall and the planter.

13. Deep 5 Pocket Hanging Vertical Planter

This fun and decorative felt planter by Miyori features generously deep pockets, currently making it the largest felt planter on the market in terms of pocket capacity.

Each of the five pockets is made from breathable and reinforced waterproof felt and measures 12 inches deep – each accommodating a gallon of soil!

The entire length of the planter is also lined with a double-stitched waterproof backing.

From top to bottom, the entire hanging planter measures 60 inches tall by 20 inches wide and comes in a pretty monochrome floral design.

The fabric hoops at the top allow you to slot it perfectly onto a slatted garden fence using the included hooks or mount onto an indoor/outdoor wall using the grommets along the edges.

14. Brick Beetle 3 Tier Planter Shelves

This cute space-saving plant shelf lets you hang your flower pot or herb garden on the wall, in a window, or from the ceiling anywhere in or outside your home using the hooks and anchors provided.

The three shelves are made from dark-brown solid wood hung by natural jute rope with each tier featuring cut-out holes to house three 4-inch pots, allowing you to display nine plants in total, either in your own pots or in the adorable white metal buckets provided!

Once hung up, the planter will measure 32 inches tall by 16.5 inches wide – the perfect size for keeping on your kitchen wall or for brightening up your patio area.

15. Sungmor Vertical Corner Planters

Corners are a criminally under-used space in the home, but these beautiful right-angle plant pots can help you make the most of any dull spot crying out for greenery.

From afar, these white, lightweight polypropylene planters look ceramic but are every bit as tough, and with a 4-inch depth, they’re perfect for housing your ferns, spider plants, small flowers, and trailing plants.

Not only pretty but smart too, each planter comes with an inner liner and attached cotton rope that acts as a self-watering system to absorb the water from the base!

These can be mounted to any 90° walls outside or indoors, and individual planters measure 7.87 inches tall by 7.6 inches wide.

Final Thoughts

There are many styles of vertical planter to suit every gardener and every space.

If you’re after a small splash of greenery and prefer the minimalist look, then the Ceramic Hanging planter or Corner Planters will be perfect.

However, if you’re on a mission to grow a mini edible garden, then you’re better off with the tall, stackable towers and the Aerospring systems on the market.

There’s everything in between too – start making the most of your small kitchen or patio space today!