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Rare Alocasia Plants: List of 24 Exquisite Varieties

Rare Alocasia Plants: List of 24 Exquisite Varieties

A common association of Alocasia plants is with elephant ears and African masks. However, this plant genus exhibits even more impressive qualities that exceed the standards of plant aficionados.

There are leaves of all shapes, sizes, and colors. This list includes some of the most unique and rarest alocasia plants. 

1. Alocasia azlanii

Leaves of the rare Alocasia azlanii plant.

This alocasia is a highly sought-after variety that can currently only be found in one location in the wild (Borneo).

Young Alocasia azlanii (commonly referred to as Jewel Alocasia) leaves are green with purple veins that grow into a gorgeous deep purple to chocolate color.

  • Common Name: Jewel Alocasia or Red Mambo 
  • Average Price: $75-125
  • Average Size: 2 feet 
  • Key Features: Waxy, chocolate-purple leaves

2. Alocasia zebrina

The leaves and stems of the rare Alocasia zebrina plant.

The large, broad leaves of Alocasia zebrina beautifully juxtapose the dark and light striping along the stems. This variety is smaller than most Alocasias. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Zebrina
  • Average Price: $40-75
  • Average Size: 1-3 feet
  • Key Features: “Zebra”-striped stems

3. Alocasia baginda ‘Silver Dragon’

The silvery leaves of a small Alocasia baginda Silver Dragon in a pink pot.

Silver Dragon has beautiful gray-silver leaves with pronounced green veins. The texture of the leaves gives the surface a shimmer reminiscent of fantasy dragons. 

  • Common Name: Silver Dragon or African Silver Mask
  • Average Price: $30-50
  • Average Size: 1-2 feet
  • Key Features: Silver leaves

4. Alocasia chantrieri

Alocasia chantrieri is a hybrid of Alocasia metallica and Alocasia sanderiana.

Even though it is a special plant, the price is lower than other Alocasia varieties because it has been cultivated widely for sale. 

  • Common Name: Chantrieri
  • Average Price: $30-50
  • Average Size: 1-3 feet
  • Key Features: Deep green, rippled leaves

5. Alocasia macrorrhizos ‘Stingray’

The name “Stingray” comes from the broad stingray-shaped leaves. These Alocasias will remain smaller when grown as houseplants but can grow to 6 feet tall when grown outdoors. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Stingray
  • Average Price: $20-40
  • Average Size: 2-4 feet
  • Key Features: Leaves that resemble a stingray

6. Alocasia baginda ‘Dragon Scales’

A close-up look at the leaf of Alocasia baginda Dragon Scale against a mottled gray background.

Alocasia baginda ‘Dragon Scales’ is similar to ‘Silver Dragon’. The leaves of ‘Dragon Scales’ are shinier and lack the distinct silver sheen but still have the same deep veins.

  • Common Name: Dragon Scale or Dragon Plant
  • Average Price: $20-50
  • Average Size: 1-3 feet
  • Key Features: Leaves that resemble dragon scales

7. Alocasia micholitziana ‘Frydek’

An Alocasia micholitziana ‘Frydek’ plant outside on a covered patio.

Also known as Green Velvet, Alocasia micholitziana ‘Frydek’ has leaves with the classic “elephant ear” shape. 

  • Common Name: Frydek or Green Velvet
  • Average Price: $20-40
  • Average Size: 1-3 feet
  • Key Features: Velvety arrowhead-shaped leaves

8. Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Giant Taro’

Leaves of Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Giant Taro’ against a white background.

Giant Taro grows up to 15 feet high when grown outside but will stay under 8 feet when grown indoors. The leaves of Giant Taro are large and stand upright.

  • Common Name: Giant Taro or Giant Elephant Ear
  • Average Price: $10-20
  • Average Size: 4-6 feet
  • Key Features: Large, broad leaves

9. Alocasia lauterbachiana ‘Purple Sword’

A healthy, multi-leaved Alocasia lauterbachiana ‘Purple Sword’ plant against a white background.

The leaves of Purple Sword have scalloped edges and a purple-green tint on the bottom of the leaves and on the undersides.

This plant has longer and thinner leaves than most Alocasias. 

  • Common Name: Purple Sword
  • Average Price: $30-50
  • Average Size: 1.5-3 feet
  • Key Features: Serrated sword-shaped leaves

10. Alocasia melo

Alocasia melo is known for its extremely thick leaves. Intricate and beautiful veins crisscross the top of the leaves. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Melo or Alocasia Rugosa
  • Average Price: $50-70
  • Average Size: 1-2 feet
  • Key Features: Thick leaves

11. Alocasia longiloba

This plant is also known as Dragon’s Tooth because of the shape of the leaves, which are described as arrow or tooth shape. The leaves have a shiny blue-green color and silver veining. 

  • Common Name: Dragon’s Tooth
  • Average Price: $10-20
  • Average Size: 1-2 feet 
  • Key Features: Arrow-shaped leaves with silver veins

12. Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Variegata’

Four leaves of the Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Variegata’ plant against a white background.

Variegated Alocasia is a striking blend of large “elephant ear” leaves and various shades of variegation. The effect only gets more intense as the plant grows and the leaves become larger in size.

As with most variegated plants, the price for a Variegated Alocasia will vary based on the amount of variegation that the plant has. 

  • Common Name: Variegated Alocasia
  • Average Price: $50-200
  • Average Size: 3-6 feet
  • Key Features: Large variegated leaves

13. Alocasia reversa

Alocasia reversa is a type of Jewel Alocasia and is known as the Blue Jewel.

The gorgeous blue-gray leaves have a soft, velvety appearance and dark green veins. 

  • Common Name: Blue Jewel 
  • Average Price: $20-40
  • Average Size: 1-2 feet
  • Key Features: Blue-gray arrowhead-shaped leaves

14. Alocasia plumbae ‘Flying Squid’

Of all the Alocasia varieties, Flying Squid might be the most unique.

This Alocasia looks more like an air plant or twigs than it does an Alocasia. The thin, spindly leaves grow outward in every direction. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Flying Squid
  • Average Price: $20-40
  • Average Size: 1 foot
  • Key Features: Thin tubular stems with matching thin leaves

15. Alocasia amazonica ‘Bambino’

Close-up look at Alocasia amazonica ‘Bambino’ leaves.

Bambino is the dwarf variety of Alocasia amazonica. This variety does not occur in the wild and was created through selective breeding of the smallest plants.

The leaves resemble thin arrowheads and have broad white veining on the shiny green surface. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Bambino
  • Average Price: $15-40
  • Average Size: 6-12 inches
  • Key Features: Small size, wide veining

16. Alocasia sanderiana

An Alocasia sanderana plant in a red planter.

The Kris Plant (Alocasia sanderiana) is a popular houseplant throughout southeast Asia.

The plant is considered endangered in the wild due to collection for sale. It is a parent plant for many hybrid Alocasia varieties 

  • Common Name: Kris Plant
  • Average Price: $30 and up
  • Average Size: 1-2 feet
  • Key Features: Striking arrow-shaped leaves with rippled edges

17. Alocasia odora ‘Variegata’

Alocasia odora ‘Variegata’ is one of the more expensive and rare Alocasia varieties. The plant has broad “elephant ear” leaves that are speckled with various shades of variegation.

  • Common Name: Variegated Elephant Ear
  • Average Price: $100-125
  • Average Size: 2-4 feet
  • Key Features: Broad, variegated leaves

18. Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’

The various colored leaves of Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’ plant against a gray background.

The leaves of Red Secret almost look fake. They boast an unmatchable shine and iridescence coloration.

Approaching the plant from different angles will show off the different colors of the leaves. 

  • Common Name: Red Secret or Mirror Plant
  • Average Price: $40-60
  • Average Size: 1-2 feet
  • Key Features: Red-tinted iridescent leaves

19. Alocasia reginula ‘Black Velvet’

Close-up view of the leaves of Alocasia reginula ‘Black Velvet'.

For how beautiful this plant is, Black Velvet does not cost too much. It is an affordable option to add a unique plant to your connection.

The leaves of Black Velvet are deep green with a soft, velvety surface and white veins. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Black Velvet or Little Queen Alocasia
  • Average Price: $10-20
  • Average Size: 6-18 inches
  • Key Features: Deep-green, velvety leaves

20. Alocasia wentii ‘Vintage Silver’

This extremely rare Alocasia variety has a unique variegation pattern.

Unlike other variegated Alocasias that have large patches of light coloration, Vintage Silver has subtle variegation. This patterning gives the leaves an old and antique look.

  • Common Name: Alocasia Vintage Silver
  • Average Price: $100+
  • Average Size: 1-2 feet
  • Key Features: Variegated unique leaves

21. Alocasia corazon

Alocasia corazon is fairly common in its native Phillipines, but it can be harder to find in the United States. It has arrowhead-shaped, shiny, blue-green leaves. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Corazon
  • Average Price: $75-150
  • Average Size: 1-3 feet
  • Key Features: Gorgeous blue-green leaves

22. Alocasia puncakborneoensis

Alocasia puncakborneoensis was recently discovered and has quickly become a collector’s favorite. One end of the leave is rounded and the other is pointed.

The leaves are incredibly shiny and turn from light green to dark green as they age. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Puncakborneoensis
  • Average Price: $150+
  • Average Size: 2-4 feet
  • Key Features: Shiny, dark-green leaves

23. Alocasia cucullata ‘Hooded Dwarf’

The light green leaves of Alocasia cucullata ‘Hooded Dwarf’.

Hooded Dwarf is a small variety of the popular elephant ear plants. The heart-shaped leaves are a lovely green color and placed atop long, thin stems. 

  • Common Name: Hooded Dwarf or Buddha’s Palm
  • Average Price: $15-30
  • Average Size: 2-3 feet
  • Key Features: Heart-shaped leaves on long stems

24. Alocasia heterophylla ‘Dragon’s Breath’

The leaves of Dragon’s Breath have a unique elongated arrowhead shape. Young leaves are vibrant green and fade to a muted blue-green as they age. 

  • Common Name: Alocasia Dragon’s Breath
  • Average Price: $75-100
  • Average Size: 2 feet
  • Key Features: Elongated arrowhead-shaped leaves

That’s a Wrap!

Next time you’re looking for some new houseplants, skip the popular elephant ear and African Mask varieties and opt for a more unique Alocasia.

This diverse genus offers many rare and striking plant varieties with something for everyone, no matter what your tastes happen to be.