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Hydroponic eBooks for Home Gardeners: Top 15 Reviewed

Hydroponic eBooks for Home Gardeners: Top 15 Reviewed

If you are interested in learning more about hydroponics or looking to enhance your understanding of hydroponic gardening, there are several beneficial book choices available.

Read on below, because in this article we review 15 of the top hydroponic eBooks for home gardeners.

1. DIY Hydroponic Gardens by Tyler Baras

Tyler Bara, also known as Farmer Tyler, put together the eBook DIY Hydroponic Gardens with do-it-yourself-type home gardeners in mind. 

The book covers everything you need to know about DIY hydroponic systems for gardening at home.

The author provides all the information needed for understanding how to grow stuff with no soil or sunlight. 

He also shares the details of more than a dozen DIY hydroponic system builds complete with crop selection charts.

In our opinion, it’s one of the very best sources of information for new hydroponic gardeners, period.

2. Hydroponics for Beginners by Richard Green

Ready to get started with your hydroponics productions, right now? If so, Hydroponics for Beginners by Richard Green may be just the eBook for you.

In the book, the author describes six of the most successful modern hydroponic systems and exactly how to use them.

He also discusses the different tools you need, including how to install them and use them to monitor your hydroponics.

The book also includes several helpful illustrative images to help you put it all together.

3. Hydroponics Mastery by Jamie Backyard

Hydroponics Mastery by Jamie Backyard is actually three books in one: Hydroponics for Beginners, Hydroponic Garden, and Hydroponics.

The author discusses everything from how exactly various forms of hydroponics work and choosing the best variety of plants for your chosen system to how to fix the most common problems you encounter along the way.

If you want to set up a hydroponic garden right inside your home, this could be the book for you.

4. Hydroponics 3-Book Bundle by Dean Deschain

Dean Deschain’s Hydroponics 3-Book Bundle is another great eBook deal for those interested in learning about hydroponic gardening at home.

The bundle deal details how to get started with hydroponics, including installation and maintenance of your system, as well as in-depth coverage on aquaponics.

If you know you want to get started with hydroponics, but are also curious about the possibilities of an aquaponic system, Dean’s book bundle could be the one for you.

5. Hydroponics for Beginners by Viktor Garden

The eBook Hydroponic for Beginners by Viktor Garden is one of the best for home gardeners with an interest in building their own hydroponic farm.

Not only do you learn all about the various hydroponic systems and gardening techniques, but you also come to fully understand the benefits of hydroponics over traditional chemical and pesticide-laden farming.

The chapters of the book delve into everything from the equipment you need, including lighting and heating, to nutrient solutions and the answers to many of the common problems with hydroponics.

Purchase of this eBook also includes access to an exclusive informational video from the author.

6. Hydroponics: The Essential Guide by Andy Jacobson

Hydroponics: The Essential Guide, by Andy Jacobson, is a 2nd edition and updated version of the author’s work.

In the book you’ll find all the essential information needed, in a step-by-step fashion, to get started with successfully hydroponic gardening.

The book also includes plenty of pictures and diagrams to help you build your own home gardening hydroponic systems.

7. Hydroponics for Beginners by Nick Jones

The Hydroponics for Beginners eBook by Nick Jones is a great piece of literature about getting started with hydroponic gardening at home.

In the eBook, you’ll find everything from an exhaustive list of all the possible equipment and supplies you’ll need to explanations on what sort of lights are needed and how to install and use them.

You’ll also learn how to get your seeds to germinate, clone plants, mix nutrient solutions, regulate hydroponic water pH, EC, and temperature levels, and more.

8. Do It Yourself Hydroponics by Richard Bray

Richard Bray’s Do It Yourself Hydroponics is one of the most easy-to-follow pieces of literature on the subject of hydroponics for home gardeners.

The author talks about the six main types of hydroponics, provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to build, run, and maintain your new garden, and much more.

In addition to helping you get set up and running, Richard also discusses how to handle all of the most problematic issues you may encounter while hydroponic gardening at home.

9. Hydroponic Gardening: Growing Vegetables Without Soil by Michael Hughston

Hydroponic Gardening: Growing Vegetables Without Soil, by Michael Hughston is a real pearl of wisdom in the realm of things hydroponic gardening.

If you’ve never grown plants without sunlight, or soil, Michael’s book walks you through the entire process from start to finish.

Whether it’s hydroponic basics, setting up a particular sort of hydroponic system, or what sort of nutrients to use for specific plants, the books covers everything you could possibly need to know.

10. Hydroponics by Jacob S. Lott

Hydroponics, by Jacob S. Lott, is another hidden gem amongst the seemingly countless pieces of hydroponics literature on the market.

The author gets right down to it in the book, laying out exactly what hydroponics is and where it came from, as well as discussing all the various techniques and types of systems associated with them.

The book also gets into how to choose the best system for you, troubleshooting, tips, tricks, what to avoid, and so much more.

11. Hydroponics: The Kratky Method by Demeter Guides

In Demeter Guides’ Hydroponics: The Kratky Method, you will learn that the Kratky method of hydroponics has many advantages that other forms of hydroponic home gardening lack.

You’ll also discover exactly how to choose the best system for you, and how to install it.

Even more, the book delves into things like selecting crops, and nutrients, routine maintenance, and basic mistakes to avoid.

If you’re looking for the most simple version of hydroponics, look no further than Kratkyponics.

12. Hydroponic Book for Beginners by Robert Morales

Another great eBook specifically for those just getting started with their journey into the world of hydroponics is Hydroponic Book for Beginners, by Robert Morales.

In it you will explore hydroponic home gardening in its entirety: from the way it works, to easy DIY systems and nutrient solutions.

Everything you need to know to ditch the soil and sunlight and go indoors and grow in your own home is in this easy-to-read book.

13. Hydroponic Gardens Building Guide by Tyler Wing

For the DIY enthusiast, fewer eBooks about hydroponics at home are worthier than Hydroponic Gardens Building Guide by Tyler Wing.

The book is loaded with how-tos that show you exactly how to plan, build, and run a full dozen different hydroponic systems.

The best part is that the plans shared by the author are all extremely affordable to build, especially compared to purchasing a pre-made system.

14. Home Hydroponics by Tyler Baras

The Home Hydroponics eBook is another helpful title for beginner hydroponic gardeners from author Tyler Baras. 

In the book, Tyler shares several of his personal hydroponic DIY designs with you and helps you turn your home into a food-producing garden.

A few examples of the genius behind the authors’ DIY systems include turning a bar cart into a mobile garden, turning an old dresser into a grow box, and turning window sills into hydroponic planters.

15. Hydroponic Food Production by Howard M. Resh

Hydroponic Food Production by Howard M. Resh is last on our list, but well worth your read.

In his 560 page book, Howard lays it all out: how hydroponics works in general, and the process of converting from traditional gardening into hydroponic food production.

The title is one of the biggest eBooks of its type and is full of useful highlights and notes that will help you succeed with your own hydroponic endeavors.


There are tons of great eBooks about hydroponics from home gardeners. But, just as everyone’s homes are laid out differently, as are their diets, so too does the best literature.

For those who are literally just getting started, any one of the above books will more than help point you in the right direction(to a successful hydroponic home garden).

Our top picks are DIY Hydroponic Gardens and Home Hydroponics, both by Tyler Baras.