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Do Hoya Flowers Have Seeds? Can Hoyas Grow From Seed?

Do Hoya Flowers Have Seeds? Can Hoyas Grow From Seed?

The Hoya flower’s beautiful and decorative appearance, along with its sweet aroma resembling a delightful dessert, makes it a beloved choice among people and insects alike.

Are these exceptional blooms purely decorative, or do they serve a purpose for the plant?

If you’re looking to grow these unique flowers, you may wonder if they actually produce seeds so that you can grow your plant family.

Do hoya flowers have seeds? Like many other varieties that produce flowers, the hoya flower does have seeds and will readily grow from seed. Part of the Apocynaceae dogbane family, these tiny, brown, ringlet seeds are distinctive and easy to tell apart from many other flower seeds due to their pipe cleaner like appearance. 

After enjoying the lovely flowers, the hoya can be propagated from its seeds, making it easy to increase your collection at minimal (or zero) cost.

To learn more about hoya flowers, how they reproduce, and what they look like, continue reading below.

Hoya Seeds

Hoya seeds are delicate yet powerful seeds that belong to the hoya wax plant.

Initially developing in a greenish-brown pod attached to the plant itself, they become individual, oblong, and visually fluffy seed units once the pod splits open to reveal mature seedings.

How Hoya Reproduce

Hoya plants can reproduce in two main ways. The first way, and usually the most common, is when seeds drop from the hoya seed pods and spread to different areas by wind current. 

The second way requires human intervention and involves propagating the sprouted seed or a piece of hoya branch in a jar of water.

After the hoya sprouts roots, you can plant the new plant in the ground.

What Do Hoya Seeds Look Like? 

The seeds of a hoya look like tiny, brown ringlets. These rings appear fuzzy to the eye and have the texture of bendable children’s pipe cleaner art supplies.

The seeds are attached to a fluffy white fur-like tail that aids them in sailing through the air when picked up by the wind.

What To Do After Hoya Blooms 

After a hoya plant blooms, the most important thing to do is not to cut off its peduncle, otherwise known as its stem. Instead, leave the plant alone and allow it to drop its blooms naturally. 

You can, however, clean up petal droppings and leaves at the base of the hoya. When left alone, your hoya will likely bloom four years in a row without needing trimming.

Will Hoyas Grow From Seed? 

Hoyas will grow from seeds if they are sown in semi-dry soil. They will form into mature blossoming plants within one year from propagation.

How Do You Get Hoya Seeds? 

You can gather hoya seeds from an existing hoya plant that has been grown from seed, stem cuttings, or leaf clippings after its mature seed pods have burst.

You can also opt to order hoya seeds online from an independently owned hoya seed distributor or order directly from Amazon.

How Long Are Hoya Seeds Viable?

When stored in a cool and dry location, fresh hoya seeds can be viable for up to one month before planting them. When stored in a refrigerator at slightly lower temperatures, hoya seeds can be viable for up to two months.

After two months, the likelihood that your hoya seed will grow is very low.

If stored in a humid and warm climate, the seeds will likely begin to mold and contaminate other seeds and plants in the area.

How Long Do Hoya Seeds Take To Germinate?

Hoya seed germination generally takes about 7-10 days. The fresher the seeds, the better germination rate you’ll see.

The entire process of seed to flower can take anywhere from 80 to around 95 days, depending on their exact environment and during what month you sowed the seeds.

How To Sow & Germinate Hoya Seeds 

A dark pink flower and triangle leaves of the Hoya Flower and foliage of Hoya krohniana plant.

To successfully sow and germinate your healthy hoya seeds, follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Source a high-quality all-purpose potting soil, like this light and airy blend.

Step 2: If not already in your soil mixture, enrich your soil with 30% perlite. If you don’t have access to perlite, pumice and water will do.

Step 3: Prepare your dry potting mix.

Step 4: Put the potting soil in a pot with a drainage hole.

Step 5: Poke small 1-inch deep holes in the potting soil with your index finger.

Step 6: Place your seeds firmly in the holes in the soil.

Step 7: Cover the pot with a layer of your dry potting mix, and water lightly if at all.

Step 8: Wait for your seedlings to grow true leaves. Once they do, dig each new plant up, and relocate it to its own pot.

Step 9: Once your plants grow strong roots and mature, having gone through a complete blooming cycle, you can then continue to propagate more hoyas from their stem cuttings.

Related Questions:

Here are some additional frequently asked questions for those looking for information on hoya flowers and seeds. 

Are Hoya Flowers Poisonous?

Hoya flowers are great family household plants because they are considered nontoxic. They do not easily irritate skin and are not likely to set off allergies in people with sap and pollen sensitivities.

The nontoxic status of a hoya flower also means that if your child, household pet, or wild animal accidentally takes a bite of the stem, leaves, or petals, they will not be at high risk for illness or death.

While the hoya is not toxic, it is still not considered an edible plant and should not be intentionally consumed.

Can You Put a Hoya Plant Outside? 

Since hoya plants have a Hardiness Zone level of 8 to 11 as designated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, they can live outdoors in only warm climates. 

If the temperatures in your climate usually do not drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then your hoya will thrive as an outdoor garden flower.

Otherwise, it is wise to plant your hoya in a portable pot or planter so that it can live outside during the warm months and inside during colder seasons.

What Do Hoya Flowers Smell Like?

Most hoya plant flowers have white petals and a red center, though many other varieties exist. They smell quite sweet, like decadent desserts.

Some people liken the scent to chocolate, vanilla, or custard. Others have claimed that the hoya reminds them of a fruity cake or tropical-scented donut batter.


Hoya flowers not only have seeds, but the seeds that they do have are both beautiful and functional.

From self-reproduction through catching a ride on the wind to other gardens to being easily planted by home gardeners across the globe, hoya seeds are incredibly resilient.

For best results, plants the seeds right away as older seeds may not germinate successfully.