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Climbing Rose Growth Rate: Affecting Factors & Best Varieties

Climbing Rose Growth Rate: Affecting Factors & Best Varieties

Climbing roses can transform a lackluster garden into a vibrant one. They are perfect for masking unsightly walls and fences, but it may take a while for them to fully bloom.

How fast do climbing roses grow? Climbing roses grow roughly 2-4 feet per year, typically developing at a faster rate in their second year. Growth depends upon environmental factors like the ideal soil and planting location. Pruning and suitable support is also key to guiding and encouraging new growth.

Certain varieties of climbing rose grow faster than others, but even the slowest developers can deliver impressive results with the right care.

Let’s learn more about climbing rose growth, the fastest varieties to plant, and more.

Climbing Rose Growth Rate

Climbing roses normally take 2-3 years to reach maximum height, but things like incorrect planting and poor maintenance will significantly slow growth.

Average Growth Per Year

In the first growing season, roses typically reach 3 feet (1 meter) in height and produce very few blooms.

Climbing rose growers on the forum Gardeners’ Corner point to the adage: “first-year sleep, second-year creep, third-year leap!”

Factors That Affect Rose Growth Rate

Well-draining, loamy soil is needed to retain moisture without risking root rot, and the roses should be planted on a dry, frost-free day in early fall/spring to help the roots establish.

Planting on the east/south side of your house is best to prevent afternoon sun scorch.

The right training supports (horizontal frames/trellises instead of a main cane) will encourage vigorous, even growth from the trunk’s side shoots and ensure rose stems have a path to follow.

Also, fungal infections spread easily and stunt growth when dead twigs/fallen leaves accumulate at the base.

Best Fast-Growing Climbing Rose Varieties

Once you decide how to support your roses, you’ll want a variety suited to your landscape that will yield quick results:

  • ‘Ramblin Red’ ruby-red, 2.4 m in one season, Zones:3-9
  • ‘New Dawn’ pale pink, 7.5 m in two seasons, Zones:5-9
  • ‘Golden Showers’ bright yellow, 3 m+ in two seasons, Zones:5-10
  • ‘American Beauty’ dark pink, 4-5 m in two seasons, Zones:5-9

How To Help Your Climbing Rose Grow Faster

  1. Dead-head dying blooms every summer to encourage repeat flowering, and prune stems that are growing in the wrong direction.
  2. Meet your chosen variety’s unique needs in terms of suitable Grow Zone and sun/shade tolerance.
  3. Apply organic fertilizer once new growth appears in early spring.

Related Questions:

What Is the Easiest Climbing Rose To Grow?

‘Eden’ roses are recommended for beginners as they grow in almost any condition.

Other low-maintenance varieties include ‘Lady of Shalott’ due to their tolerance of poor soil and ‘Don Juan’, which thrives in humid or cool/dry climates.

How Tall Do Climbing Roses Get?

The tallest climbing rose varieties can grow between 15 and 25 feet high with exceptional care.

However, the tallest climbing rose on record was a ‘Cecile Brunner’ variety grown in Los Angeles in 2004, reaching over 27 meters tall (91 feet!) at its highest point.


Most climbing roses have a slow start in their first growing season but will prosper within years when soil and light conditions are ideal.

Timely pruning and suitable support structures are also key to encouraging strong, flourishing growth.