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11 Awesome Aquaponic Kits | Pre-Made & Ready to Grow!

11 Awesome Aquaponic Kits | Pre-Made & Ready to Grow!

Are you in need of a high-quality aquaponic kit that is readily available to assist you in getting started with aquaponics?

Whether for producing plants or fish, or simply to add a unique decorative piece to your home, office, or classroom, we’ve rounded up 12 of the very best aquaponic kits you need to know about.

The Professional Aquabox Complete System is our top choice. The Genesis G4 is the best large aquaponic kit. For 10-gallon tanks, the AquaSprouts Desktop Ecosystem Kit is the best, and for 20-gallon tanks, the ECO-Cycle System is it. Decorative-wise, the Sweetsea Hanging Aquaponic Kit is excellent.

Read on below to find out which kit is best for you as well as what to consider, features to look for, and answers to commonly asked questions!

Aquaponic Kits Comparison Chart

Best Aquaponic Kit Overall: Professional Aquabox Complete System

  • Plant Capacity: 10 to 30
  • Water Capacity: 30 gallons
  • Size: Custom dimensions
  • Why It Beats the Competition: The systems are custom-made by professionals to meet your specific wishes, and they are aesthetically pleasing as well.
  • Best for Growing: All variety of plants

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Key Features

The Professional Aquabox Complete System is a one-of-a-kind kit that is handmade for each order. The system includes a 30-gallon reservoir, custom-sized growing table, water pump, and all other components needed to get an aquaponics system up and running.

Best Plants to Grow With Professional Aquabox Complete System

This system is designed to grow just about any sort of plant you can think of. From leafy greens and larger vegetables like tomatoes to herbs, flowers, and houseplants.


  • Includes everything you need
  • High-end design and parts
  • Custom made by pros


  • Expensive unit and shipping costs

Best Value Aquaponic Kit: Back to the Roots Water Garden

  • Plant Capacity: 4 to 6 small plants
  • Water Capacity: 3 gallons
  • Size: 13.4in x 13.4in x 9.5in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: The system is extremely well made and works for multiple plant types.
  • Best for Growing: herbs, flowers, and small houseplants

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Key Features

Designed like a classic DWC system, Back to the Roots Water Garden is one of the most impressive fishbowl-size aquaponic kits on the market. It comes with all the basics already installed. All you need to do is add water, fish, and plants. Things really don’t get much more streamlined!

Best Plants to Grow With Back to the Roots Water Garden

This little system is great for microgreens, kitchen herbs, small flowers, and miniature houseplants.


  • Great for kids and classes
  • Makes a good gift
  • Education and fun
  • Space-saving design


  • Doesn’t produce many plants or fish

Best Aquaponic Kit for 20-Gallon Tanks: ECO-Cycle System


  • Plant Capacity: 6 to 8
  • Water Capacity: 20 gallons
  • Size: 25in x 13in x 10in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: This kit is designed to fit standard fish tanks and comes with built-in lights.
  • Best for Growing: leafy greens, herbs, and flowers. 

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Key Features

The ECO-Cycle System is a great option for those who have 20-gallon aquariums at home. The system comes with everything you need to convert your tank into a full-out aquaponic growing system, including a light. It also looks great as a centerpiece.

Best Plants to Grow With ECO-Cycle System

You can grow leafy greens, small root vegetables, herbs, flowers, and all sorts of houseplants with this system.


  • Lightweight
  • Works with your fish tank
  • Includes a light


  • Only fits 20-gallon tanks

Best Aquaponic Kit for 10-Gallon Tanks: AquaSprouts Desktop Ecosystem Kit

  • Plant Capacity: 8 to 12
  • Water Capacity: 10 gallons
  • Size: 28in x 8in x 17in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: This creative system is designed for desktops and tabletops, unlike most indoor aquaponics.
  • Best for Growing: herbs, flowers, small veggies, and houseplants

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Key Features

An impressive self-sustaining aquaponics system, the AquaSprouts Desktop Ecosystem kit includes all the components for making a small tabletop grow system out of a pre-existing 10-gallon tank. Furthermore, it makes a great conversational piece.

Best Plants to Grow With AquaSprouts Desktop Ecosystem Kit

This system is capable of producing everything from kitchen herbs and houseplants to leafy greens, microgreens, and flowers.


  • Self-sustaining system
  • Fits on your fish tank
  • Sleek appearance
  • Easy installation


  • Only fits 10-gallon tanks

Best Hanging Aquaponic Kit: Sweetsea Hanging Aquaponic Kit 

  • Plant Capacity: 1
  • Water Capacity: 4 to 5 cups
  • Size: 9in x 9in x 4in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: This hanging system is the only wall-mounting kit we’ve come across, and it looks awesome as a decoration as well.
  • Best for Growing: houseplants

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Key Features

The Sweetsea Hanging Aquaponic Kit is a unique growing system that comes in the form of a fishbowl with a flat back that hangs on the wall. It grows a single plant and has ample space for a couple of goldfish, tetras, or neons. Few systems add so much aesthetic value to your home.

Best Plants to Grow With Sweetsea Hanging Aquaponic Kit

House plants such as peace lilies and other water-loving plants and flowers are the best species to grow with this system.


  • Looks great as a decorative piece
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good alternative to a regular pot for houseplants
  • Low maintenance


  • May need to trim roots from time to time

Best Fishbowl Alternative: Penn-Plax Aquaponic Set

  • Plant Capacity: 1
  • Water Capacity: .5 gallons
  • Size: 3in x 3in x 8.6in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: The system features a sleek fishbowl design perfect for neons, tetras, and goldfish unlike any other.
  • Best for Growing: small houseplants, flowers, or herbs

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Key Features

This Aquaponic Set from Penn-Plax is basically a suped-up fishbowl that’s got all of the right stuff built right in for a small aquaponic system. It’s a great gift, or addition to your kitchen, living room, or kids room. It also works well in classrooms.

But, it is more for aesthetics than for producing plants or fish.

Best Plants to Grow With Penn-Plax Aquaponic Set

This small system is great for growing a single house plant, like an orchid, or kitchen herb such as basil.


  • Great alternative to regular fishbowls
  • Good for colorful fish
  • Easy to clean and care for


  • Roots may need trimming

Best Waterfall Aquaponic Kit: Aquascape AquaGarden Pond & Waterfall Kit 

  • Plant Capacity: 1 to 5
  • Water Capacity: 5 to 7 gallons
  • Size: 23.5in x 23.5in x 10in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: This kit reminds us of a beautiful Japanese water garden shrank down into a single bowl.
  • Best for Growing: Small flowers and water-loving plants

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Key Features

This AquaGarden Pond and Waterfall Kit from Aquascape is more or less a system of multiple bowls; one for the fish and reservoir, and one for the plants.

It puts you in the mind of a Japanese water garden and looks great on porches, patios, and elsewhere. It could even be situated on an end-table in your home.

Best Plants to Grow With Professional Aquabox Complete System

Water lilies and other water-loving plants are the best choices of plants to grow with this system, though other flowers and possibly herbs may work as well.


  • Works both inside and outside
  • Lovely aesthetics
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Not as easy to clean as others

Best Multifunctional Aquaponic Kit: Kingro 5-in-1 Indoor System 

  • Plant Capacity: 20
  • Water Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Size: 20in x 10in x 13in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: This 5-in-1 is truly as multi-functional as indoor aquaponic systems come, and it’s genuinely amazing to look at as well.
  • Best for Growing: herbs, small veggies, and small houseplants

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Key Features

The Kingro 5-in1 is one of our very favorites. It not only looks amazing, but it actually grows a nice handful of plants as well. The system includes everything needed for aquaponics, and in fact, is already pre-assembled.

All you need to do is add water, fish, and plants.

Best Plants to Grow With Kingro 5-in-1 Indoor System

You can grow just about everything in this system except for large vegetables like corn and tomatoes. Leafy greens, houseplants, small root veggies, and herbs are perfect.


  • Excellent aquarium alternative
  • Energy efficient
  • Great for kids and classrooms


  • Doesn’t produce as much as larger systems

Best Kit for Starting Plants: Alphatool 90 Piece Aquaponic Kit

  • Plant Capacity: 30
  • Water Capacity: N/A
  • Size: 3.94in x 3.94in x 2.76in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: This kit is a great addition to larger systems, if used as a plant starter.
  • Best for Growing: starter plants and water-loving plants

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Key Features

This system from Alphatool is not a complete aquaponic system, because it lacks reservoirs. That said, it contains everything else needed to get going.

Simply add water to some mason jars, stick the net cups in the jars, add seeds to the Rockwool cubes, set the wicks in place, and you’re ready to rock-and-roll.

Best Plants to Grow With Alphatool 90 Piece Aquaponic Kit

This system is best for starting plants rather than growing full-sized plants. But, you could use it for growing leafy greens, microgreens, or certain herbs and houseplants if you wish.


  • 30 net cups
  • 30 Rockwool cubes
  • 30 wicks
  • Fit well into mason jars


  • Not true complete/traditional aquaponics system

Best Floating Aquaponics Kit: G&B Island Gardens Floating Aquaponic Kit


  • Plant Capacity: 8
  • Water Capacity: N/A
  • Size: 16.3in x 10in x 2.7in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: The kit works as a unique floating plant starting system or permanent set up for small water loving plants.
  • Best for Growing: flowers and small water-loving plants

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Key Features

Another great miniature system that works well as part of a larger DWC system, this Floating Aquaponic Kit includes core components for starting up to 8 plants at a time.

It includes mesh net cups and a raft that keeps them afloat. Just add plants and stick the unit in water outside or under lights.

Best Plants to Grow With G&B Island Gardens Floating Aquaponic Kit

You can start and grow any variety of plants with this product. That said, for anything larger or heavier than flowers, herbs, and greens, you’ll need to transplant plants before they are fully mature.


  • Great for starting plants
  • Looks good in fountains and koi ponds
  • Works well in pools and large DWC systems


  • Not true complete/traditional aquaponics system

Best Aquaponics Kit for Koi Ponds: Aquaponics Floating Pond Planter

  • Plant Capacity: 4
  • Water Capacity: N/A
  • Size: 4in x 2.5in x 3.25in
  • Why It Beats the Competition: This system makes a great addition to pre-existing fountains, pools, and koi ponds.
  • Best for Growing: flowers and small water loving plants.

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Key Features

The last floating planter-type aquaponic system on our list is another great choice for using with pools, ponds, and large DWC systems. Just add plants and plop the float into some water and watch them flourish.

But, you’ll need to transfer large plants elsewhere before they become too heavy for the float.

Best Plants to Grow With Aquaponics Floating Pond Planter

Flowers and water-loving plants like water lilies are perfect for this system. However, you can start almost any type of plant in this unit but will need to move them before they mature.


  • Perfect addition to koi fish ponds
  • Works well in pools and large DWC systems
  • Great for water lilies and starter plants


  • Not true complete/traditional aquaponics system

Aquaponic Kit Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve covered the best aquaponic kits currently available, it’s time to help you refine your search. Below, we discuss crucial considerations as well as what features to look for.

Considerations Before Buying an Aquaponic Kit

To choose the right aquaponic kit for you, there are several important considerations to think about first:

Available Space

The amount of space that you have available for setting up and operating an aquaponic system is incredibly important. Before ordering a system, carefully measure your available space. That way, you know for sure if the system you want to buy will fit or not.

Time for Gardening

One consideration that’s often overlooked is the amount of time you have to put in with aquaponic gardening. Sure, once your kit is installed and running, it won’t take up much of your time compared to traditional gardening.

But, you will need to spend a few minutes each day checking things out. You also need to have time to perform routine maintenance regularly.

Your Budget

The amount of money you have to spend on an aquaponic kit is an obvious factor to consider. What isn’t so obvious is the amount of money required to continue running the system, replacing fish, feeding fish, and repairing or replacing parts that wear out.

Personal or For Profit

Whether you’re getting into aquaponics for personal use, or for commercial for-profit purposes, makes a huge difference. The biggest difference is in the size the system requires. The next difference is the amount of money that’s required.

Features To Look For

In addition, you need to know what features matter the most for you and your aquaponic system:


The size of the system is crucial. If you don’t pay attention to size while shopping, you may end up with something enormous when you intend on something small.

Likewise, you may end up with a guppy-sized grow system when you were expecting a sturgeon-sized system.

Water Capacity

As with the overall size of the system, pay close attention to the water capacity while shopping for the best kit for you. There is a huge difference between a 10 or 20-gallon kit and a 50 or 100-gallon kit.

Plant Capacity

One of the most important features to keep in mind while picking out the best aquaponic kit for yourself is the plant capacity. Not only will it determine how many plants you may grow at once, but it also gives you a clear idea of how many fish you will need.

Pumps and Components

Each system comes with various pumps, filters, pipes, and other fittings. Pay attention to the measurements and brand names of these components while shopping. Some kits come with everything, but others require you to supply your own reservoir, hoses, pumps, or other parts.

Growing Tips for Success With Aquaponic Kits

1. Pick a Great Location

As they say in business; location, location, location. With aquaponics, location is a key factor in how successful your operation may be. That said, there are many factors that play into what makes one location better than another.

The type of fish you use, the plants you want to grow, how much light or shade the system is exposed to, and more are considerations to keep in mind when picking a great location for your aquaponics system.

2. Keep a Close Eye on Things

Keeping a close eye on your system is a must if you want to be successful. In the reservoir, check for dead fish and algae growth. Also, check the entire system regularly for broken or malfunctioning components as well as leaks. 

3. Perform Regular Maintenance

There is no such thing as successful aquaponics without performing regular maintenance. That includes keeping the water topped off, cleaning the air stone and hoses, as well as anything else your specific system requires for proper upkeep.

4. Feed the Fish Correctly

Fish are the heartbeat of any aquaponics system. To keep things working successfully, make sure to feed fish daily and avoid overfeeding. If there is leftover food after they feed, remove it immediately.

5. Check Plants Regularly

The plants are what it’s all about, right? Keep an eye on them daily, checking for wilting or yellowing leaves as well as pests and signs of disease. You don’t need to spend hours or use a magnifying glass, just take a few minutes and thoroughly look them over each day.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Many Fish Do I Need for Aquaponics? 

The amount of fish needed for aquaponics depends on the type and size of the system as well as what sort of plants you plan to grow. The general rule of thumb is to add one fish to the system for each plant you add.

What Is the Best Type of Fish for Indoor Aquaponics? 

Tilapia is generally regarded as one of the best types of fish for aquaponics. However, for indoor systems specifically, tetra species may be a better option (if you don’t plan on eating the fish).

What Do You Feed Fish in Small Aquaponic Systems? 

Depending on the species of fish in your small aquaponic system, the best food varies. For many small aquaponic systems regular fish food from a pet store is suitable. For a more organic approach, duckweed, worms, and other small insects are ideal.

Does Aquaponics Need Sunlight? 

Aquaponics work with either sunlight or indoor grow lights. Outdoor setups are the only form of aquaponics that absolutely need sunlight.

How Much Light Do I Need for Indoor Aquaponics?

The amount of light needed for indoor aquaponics depends solely on the type of plants you’re growing. Some plants require as little as 4 hours of light per day, while others need as much as 16 hours of light or more each day.

What Is the Best Light for Aquaponics? 

LED, CFL, and HID are widely considered as the best types of light for aquaponics. Other options include HPS, MH, and standard fluorescent lights.

Do You Need Nutrients for Aquaponics? 

Unlike with hydroponics, with a properly functioning aquaponic system, there are no liquid nutrients required. That is because the fish’s waste is broken down by microbes and transformed into nutrients.

How Do You Set Up an Aquaponic Kit? 

Each aquaponic kit is different and comes with its own set of instructions. That said, generally speaking, you start by setting up the tank, and grow bed, and pumps. Next, you connect pipes, hoses, and fittings as needed. Lastly, you add water, fish, and plants. If using lights, they are typically installed last. 

Do I Need To Change the Water in an Aquaponic Kit? 

The water in a properly functioning aquaponic kit doesn’t need changing like with hydroponic systems. That is because the fish and plants both do their job and the system basically keeps itself clean. You do however need to replace water that evaporates or is absorbed by the plants.

Is Aquaponics Better Than Hydroponics? 

The aquaponics vs hydroponics argument is one that is highly debated by gardeners around the world. Both systems have loads of advantages as well as numerous disadvantages. The answer to this question boils down to your opinion rather than scientific fact. 

What Herbs Grow Well With an Aquaponic Kit? 

Aquaponics may be used to grow practically any herbs that you please. Some of the most commonly aquaponically cultivated herbs are basil, chives, chamomile, watercress, parsley, oregano, sage, rosemary, mint, and many more.

A Final Word About Aquaponic Kits

Choosing the best pre-made aquaponic kit for you and your gardening needs is a fun and exciting decision to make. That said, with so many options to pick from, it is also a challenging choice to make.

Hopefully, all of the information in our guide helps you make the most well-informed decision possible!