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Pressure Washer Hose Attachments To Make Any Job Easier

Pressure Washer Hose Attachments To Make Any Job Easier

The right hose attachment can take your pressure washer from semi-abrasive cleaning tool to something customized to your home’s exterior and maintenance needs.

As you look through these useful add-ons, consider which one serves you best – something to thoroughly tackle the muck beneath your car?

Something compact and contained to clean tight spaces without unwanted splashback? An attachment for scrubbing power? 

We’ve assessed various products in each category to see how they measure up.

Key Takeaways

The Simpson Dial-N-Wash attachment is best for versatility as it cleans delicate, medium, and hard surfaces. The Ultimate Heavy-Duty Blasting Kit is perfect for those with high-powered washers (3,000 PSI+). The best value add-on is Tool Daily Undercarriage Cleaner as it is dual-purpose and includes extension wands.

Main Recommendations

Surface Cleaners

These house rotating spray-nozzle systems inside large plastic/metal domes to clean driveways and patios.

Surface cleaners are usually fitted with “spray skirts” to prevent dirty water and debris from splashing onto surrounding areas.

M MINGLE Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner With Extras

This 15-inch diameter surface cleaner is ideal for large areas and commercial use as it delivers an impressive maximum pressure of 3,600 PSI with fast dual-rotating jets.

Also included are two 15-inch extension wands and two replacement nozzles. Beware that the nozzle tips can become clogged in storage.

Karcher Universal Surface Cleaner Attachment

This pricey but powerful 15-inch surface cleaner delivers 3,200 PSI, and its spinning nozzles provide 1,500 rotations per minute.

It connects to any pressure washer wand with a standard ¼-inch fitting (not included). Some users note that it can leave behind streaks if positioned in one spot for too long.

Wand Extensions

These extend the length of your pressure washer wand to enable you to clean high areas, like your garage roof, top of your truck, house side walls, etc., with greater ease and safety.

B E PRESSURE Telescoping Wand

This fiberglass telescopic wand extends from 9 feet up to an incredible 24 feet and is compatible with any pressure washer up to 4,000 PSI.

Beware that when fully extended, it’s quite unstable and difficult to raise from the ground, so you might require a harness belt for greater safety.

RIDGE WASHER Extension Wand

At 17 inches, this wand is perfect for average standing height and is compatible with most ground-level pressure washer applications including surface and undercarriage cleaners.

The high-quality stainless steel construction with brass fittings can withstand 4,000 PSI. Unfortunately, O-rings aren’t supplied with the wand to help prevent leaks.


Brush attachments come in styles that can efficiently clean your car or bike wheels as well as gentle rotating applications that are perfect for delicate surfaces such as glass, greenhouses, and car exteriors.

Karcher Rotating Wash Brush

This delicate brush automatically dispenses soap from your pressure washer, and the rotating inner bristles activate with incoming water, allowing you to clean and rinse delicate vehicle parts.

Though compatible with pressure washers up to 4,000 PSI, it will require an adaptor to fit non-Karcher washers.

Sun Joe Auto Cleaning Brush Set

Sun Joe’s great value-for-money car-cleaning kit includes a 20-inch extension rod and turbo nozzle for under-vehicle cleaning plus a rotary brush for stubborn dirt, wheel and rim brush for tire grime, and feather brush for delicate areas.

It also helpfully includes several universal adaptors to fit other pressure washer brands.

Sun Joe Power Scrubbing Broom

This lightweight, easy-to-maneuver broom delivers a powerful, deep clean on hard surfaces with its coarse bristles and a max pressure of 2,030 PSI.

The fixed-height handle is 38 inches, allowing you to comfortably clean large areas. It’s unfortunately only compatible with Sun Joe and SPX washers.


These powerfully abrasive attachments are made to lift patches of paint, rust, and any other stubborn multi-layered stain on patios and driveways.

Dry and wet sandblasters are available (the latter is typically safer and won’t produce dust).

Ultimate Washer Heavy-Duty Blasting Kit

This big-budget but effective wet sandblasting set delivers a colossal 5,500 maximum PSI and up to 10 gallons per minute.

Included in the kit are a super-durable tungsten carbide nozzle cone, a standard ¼-inch plug inlet, and a 25-foot long sand-suction hose.

This is best used with a pressure washer that closely matches the specs (3,000 PSI and up).

Foaming Cannons

Foam cannons are powerful, denser alternatives to using a foam gun sprayer to wash your vehicle, providing more extensive coverage that’s akin to a drive-through car wash. Note that foam cannons come in adjustable and non-adjustable forms.

Sooprinse Foam Cannon

This versatile cannon has an adjustable nozzle tip allowing for narrow or fan sprays and a top dial controlling the foam volume (sprinkle to thick downpour), and the ergonomic plastic gun sprayer has a locking safety feature.

It also comes with a microfiber drying mitt plus a 30° angle wand for under-car cleaning. Compatible with any washer up to 3,000 PSI max.

Gutter Cleaners

These are curved hook-like metal wands that attach to the ends of telescopic/extendable wands to deliver a precise clean of your eaves/roof guttering and eliminate the need for a stepladder.

CHAVOR Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner

A very versatile attachment for the price, this 7-inch-long gutter cleaner is made with wear-resistant stainless steel and attaches to a set of dual nozzles which, when placed in roof guttering, clears away leaves/debris from both directions.

The turbo nozzles rotate to adjust spray intensity and can deliver a max pressure of 4,000 PSI.

Undercarriage Cleaners

These are metal bars mounted on caster wheels with four upward-facing nozzles which – when rolled beneath your vehicle – blast caked-on road grime/dirt/oil in hard-to-reach areas to help prevent rust.

Tool Daily Dual-Function Undercarriage Cleaner

Thanks to a pivoting coupler mechanism, this 16-inch undercarriage cleaner can convert to a water broom on wheels, pointing the quadruple set of nozzles downward for use as a surface cleaner too.

Unlike most undercarriage cleaners on the market, this also comes with a 16-inch extension wand and a 13-inch 90° angled wand so you have all you need to start cleaning your vehicle.

Adjustable Pressure Regulators

These twist-dial nozzles attach to your washer wand and adjust the water pressure, allowing you to switch easily between cleaning delicate surfaces to ones requiring a more powerful, abrasive stream.

Simpson Dial-N-Wash Adjustable Regulator

Perfect for all-around use, this small but transformative 4-inch pressure-regulator nozzle lets you change settings from low (vehicles/house windows) to medium (fences/decking/vinyl house siding) to hard (brick/concrete/driveway) with a simple twist.

This works with washers up to 4,500 PSI and withstands max temps of 250°F but can’t be used with soap. Note that it is universal to all metal washer fittings but not plastic.


If you have many diverse areas to clean but lack the budget to invest in separate individual attachments, a multipack of accessories is a sensible buy.

Opt for versatile sets that consider high areas, gutter access, and more delicate jobs.

Joyjob 6-Pack Attachment Set

This set covers many bases including a telescopic wand extension that stretches from 4 to 18 feet, gutter cleaning and extension wands, broom brush, and five nozzle tips delivering multiple spray angles from 0-60°.

An especially valuable feature of the kit is the double-strap harness belt to reduce upper-body strain when operating the wand extension, though the belt size runs fairly small.


From patio and driveway surface cleaners to mammoth wand extensions for multi-story jobs, there are many useful hose attachments to make your pressure washer suited to your specific home-maintenance needs.

Whichever accessory you opt for, always ensure the attachment is compatible with your electric/gas pressure washer.

Many fittings are universally compatible, but if you’re unsure, check that the thread inlet fitting matches the diameter of your pressure washer hose.