Educating and Entertaining over 350 girls of the Arima Girls RC School, was clear evidence that WHYFARM is making Agriculture appealing to the appetite of the youth once more. On July 4th 2016, WHYFARM  along with AGRIMAN  travelled to Arima where we inspired and showed the students  what Agriculture really is and the role that they can take in agriculture even at a young age. It began with the founder of WHYFARM doing a mini presentation on why agriculture and why youth and their role towards a food secure nation. Not only did Mr Sennon convince the students that they can play a major role in Agriculture but mid-way during his presentation they were screaming that they all want to become farmers. Their excitement was really encouraging and building as they awaited the arrival of AGRIman.

13600200_519452554905027_545972054944753490_nBeing invited by the Clover Buddies 4H Club of Arima Girls RC under the watch of Ms. Elizabeth Theodore and Ms. Asha Lewis, they instructed that AGRIman be released. The AGRIMAN theme song started to play on loud speakers which was heard throughout the school. As AGRIman made his appearance in the  school’s  courtyard with onlooking students on the corridors of the three story school building, the screaming and chanting of AGRIman climaxed. All we heard emitting from the girls voices was “AGRIMAN” “AGRIMAN” “AGRIMAN”……., and despite some heavy showers, AGRIMAN still managed to fully entertain the students with his ever dynamic performance. He started with his introduction of:

“Boys and Girls I’m d AGRIMAN”
“To Feed the World is my master Plan”
“If you plant 1 Tree you will eat4 Free”
“This will guarantee you Food Security”.


By this time the students already got much more than which they bargained for and the fun just began. AGRIMAN introduced to them our SelGri Box which he indicated was a cutting edge technology to get youths planting. It was explained to the students of the concept behind this technology of blending the selfie and agri to give SelGri and it being a simple technology for any young person to plant one tree by him or herself and contribute towards food security. He then went on to say that the box totally rebranded agriculture and transformed it into SWAGRICULTURE. AGRIman asked “who love agriculture and who have swag” all screams of “me” was heard. That is where he told them that SWAGRICULTURE is the new agriculture for the youth.

Three students were identified by AGRIMAN to come on down and volunteer to plant for themselves a patchoi using the SelGri box and upon doing it properly and answering some of AGRIman questions correctly they got the box to keep. Our portable hydroponics was then introduced to the students by our “Farmacist” Mr Jesse Cooper, allowing some of the students to actually plant  without the use of soil, which is branded as clean agriculture. This concluded our official part of the proceedings as lunch time was upon the students. However this did not stop the students from engaging with AGRIMAN and getting their AGRIMAN stamp on their hands and purchasing some of WHYFARM signature items such as plaques, AGRIMAN starter kits, AGRIman comic books, story books, AGRIman stickers, plants, manure and much more.

The experience of introducing AGRIMAN at the Arima Girls RC was none other than a positive mark towards youth involvement and encouragement in agriculture and a major step towards growing future feeders to ensure food security among our young leaders. This proves to us and to you that our model of re-branding agriculture to the youth using AGRIMAN is working. Hence at WHYFARM we say that:

“There must be an AGventure
To encourage Youth in Agriculture
Starting with a main Character
Branded as the World’s Most Powerful Food Provider”- AGRIMAN.


We thank Arima Girls RC and specifically the Clover Buddies 4H Club for the opportunity to conduct this workshop and inspire, educate, entertain, motivate and empower youth towards agriculture.


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