Uprooting Assumptions


WhyFarm through its AgriVenture tours has introduced students at the primary school level to a new culture of agriculture which teaches more than the traditional farming practices. AgriVenture has been developed to introduce an Agricultural Adventure for children to be educated in Agriculture while having fun and simultaneously learning   the role in which they can adopt in Agriculture to contribute towards food security.

We have utilized the promotion of AGRIMAN Adventures, a tangible on the ground engagement campaign which features an Agricultural Superhero that reaches children to promote a new generation in Agriculture. Since the inception of WhyFarm we have visited various schools throughout Trinidad from St Joseph Boys Rc School, Dinsley Trinity Government, Marvel Government ECCE Centre and St James Children House to name a few. Assumptions were uprooted as the children were all captivated and went home with a clearer picture of “AgriCoolture.”


“No longer can we portray agriculture as just about farmers in the field”

The modern agriculture industry is dynamic encompassing subsections such as agri-engineering and agricultural biotechnology. WhyFarm has recognized that the industry is growing, so we have created an innovative method in generating interest while teaching  youths more about it agriculture.


“Not everyone will choose a life in agriculture but Agriculture is apart of everyone’s life.”

-Luke Smith
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