Let’s think about the household owner
That cannot provide a fresh picked meal as the bread winner.
Or imagine a community with little or no food availability.
Worst yet mention your country
And the word food security
Doesn’t literally exist in our National strategy
Yes we can continue to import
Hoping that our foreign trader will always support
Then we’ll hope there isn’t a national crisis
That can cause vast Instability with prices
Maybe we will always be able to afford
If not there will be tremendous down fall
To me that’s a lot of If, But and Maybe
Why not do your own farming
And reduce this uncertainty
Create the opportunity
To have your own food grown locally
Of course it must be done strategically
So that there is always accessibility
Farmers remain happy as they obtain max revenue
From their Agricultural Activity
In the 21st Century there exist 99 ways to Farm,
many without soil USE
To answer the question WHYFARM
A great man said “He who feeds you controls you and your land”
Therefore we reduce dependency
Increase production capability
Maximize the potential of Agribusiness Industry
By You Growing 1 Tree
You’ll eat for FREE
And literally reduce Hunger and Malnutrition in your Nationality.

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